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Performer of the Week
If there's one thing we know about soaps, it's that drama reigns. As a result, when attempts are made to inject humour into scenes, the outcome can sometimes be anything but a laughing matter. That is, of course, never a possibility when the one flingin' the zingers is GENERAL HOSPITTAL's Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis).
Grahn is one of those rare breeds. Gifted with an innate comic timing, she's equally as proficient when it comes to the serious stuff. Of course, as much as we'd love to see her jumping into a meaty storyline with great dramatic potential, there are few things better than a scene in which Alexis is bantering... with anybody. And we were recently treated to some of the funniest scenes of Grahn's GH career. Standing outside of a courtroom with Sonny, Alexis prepared to terminate pesky reporters with a hard-as-nails defense of her connected client. Instead, the unwitting attorney was inundated with queries about her newfound status as online pinip queen, "Eddie's Angel." Sporting a look that came in somewhere between severe nausea and hysterical paralysis, Alexis quickly retreated to the courtroom. "I'm not attractive... I'm an attorney," she hissed at Sonny, as he mercilessly teased her about her public foray into trashy lingerie.
In the end, Alexis escaped the reporters, but not before a delightful Grahn delivered to newly arrived "savior" Ned a few good licks for not telling her about the media storm she was now the center of. No, we don't want to see poor Alexis subjected to (too much) more humiliation. But we must admit: Having our funny bones touched by this "Angel" has been nothing short of heavenly.

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