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General Hospital
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Best Non-Couple
Sonny and Alexis, General Hospital
He makes her stammer. She makes him laugh. Around him, she hyperventilates. Around her, he sees logic that otherwise would have eluded him. Okay, so Sonny and Alexis aren't neccessarily your textbook love match in the making, but they're a match we've loved from day one.
At the heart of this still-unromantic duo is a terrific humour. Playing off one another like the actors in those '40s screwball comedies, Nancy Lee Grahn and Maurice Bernard convey chemistry that automatically makes fans want the characters paired romantically. Even in those scenes where the cracks aren't flying, where an emotional connection is called for, they come through brilliantly, offering to each other a touchstone in their untrusting minds. So we'll wrestle with the "should they/shouldn't they?" of taking their relationship down Lover's Lane... and enjoy every second of this attorney/client privelage.

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