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Although Nancy lee Grahn (Alexis) knows the tremendous support she gets from fans, reading posts on the Internet GH boards has left her a little rattled by one person's lack of acceptance. "I've been very appreciated by fans and I've always been aware of that," says a grateful Grahn. "But there's somebody [in particular out there] that seems to not like me. And that's okay. If I'm going to go on the Internet, I have to know that some nights I'm going to get a lot of applause and some nights I'm not. That's life. I can go on-line and be grown up. Yet [this particular non-fan] will say something and there's a little part of me that says, 'If I could just sit down and talk with her.' I'm human. If somebody says something that isn't nice, it hurts a little. But it's important that I know where I stand with the fans. The viewers are ultimately what matters, so I want to know what they think."

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