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Take Five
When do you feel most at ease?
"Speaking in front of 10, 000 people about something that I feel impassioned about... and having them agree with me [laughs]! I'd feel very comfortable."
Who do you trust most and why?
"My mother, my father and two sisters. It's that sense that they never send anything other than positive thoughts toward you, at you, about you. It's pure trust."
What qualitites about yourself would you like to improve?
"Impatience and organizational skills."
What's your biggest complaint in life?
"At the moment, five members of the U.S. Supreme Court."
What is the worst thing you did growing up that got you grounded?
"I ratted on my sister for having pot in her drawer and then because I did that, she nailed me and said I took the car out when I didn't have my license and drove it around. Actually, the worst thing that got me grounded - if you could be grounded at 18 - was I was doing a show downtown and saying I was staying at my friend, Donna's house, but really I was living with my boyfriend. And my parents knew it the whole time! They were just waiting for me to come clean."

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