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A Day At The Races
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A Day At The Races
"If someone asks me to do something like this, the answer is always going to be yes," says Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who is one of many ABC stars leading SoapNet teams during the Susan G.Komen Foundation Races for the Cure, which promotes awareness of breast cancer. Digest Online spoke to Grahn before the September 23 race in Newport Beach, CA.
Digest Online: What will the race entail for you?
Nancy Lee Grahn: Virtually nothing. I'll be walking and interacting with fans; I'm happy to hang with anybody you wants to loan themselves to such a cause. I'm taking [my daughter] Kate. She going to ride her bicycle.
Digest Online: How will you explain the event to her?
Grahn: I'm a believer in talking about the positive part of women's health because I think fear can help creat sickness in women. All Kate needs to know is that we're having a great, healthy walk, and are'nt we grateful and happy that we can.
Digest Online: I'm sire the race will be empowering for everyone present.
Grahn: I think so, too. You know, there is this tenaciousness about women that I love. Women are not deniers. When you want something done, get a bunch of women together. I know there's a cure for breast cancer. I don't see it as something that hasn't happened yet; I believe it's happening.

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