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Sonny Kisses Alexis!
Too bad she sleeps through it...
Okay, okay, so it's not exactly the kind of buss GENERAL HOSPITAL's Sonny and Alexis fans have been waiting to catch for so many months now ( it actully occurs during an erotic dream Alexis has about sparring partner/client Sonny). But could this nocturnal naughtiness serve as a big wake-up call for the non-couple that fans would like to see get together?
"Alexis has a dream where Sonny grabs her and starts making out with her. And, I think she kind of digs it," laughs Nancy Lee Grahn (Alexis). "That's very upsetting to her when she wakes up."
Especially because Alexis awakens to find her dream man standing in her room. "I don't know why he's there," grins Grahn. "But she's just horrified."
If that sounds as though the scene is more humourous than hot, that's right. "It's a trip," shares Maurice Benard (Sonny). "It was fun because Nancy helps me be funnier, and I keep her honest." Adds Grahn, "I was so flustered that Maurice actually kissed me. [While taping the scene] I leaned back on the bed, and I completely banged my head into the headboard. I was trying to act really nonchalant [laughs]. But Alexis is completely a nervous wreck. I think we've all been like that."
As for whether this leads Sonny and Alexis down the road to romance, Benard says, "I don't know if I'd see a [Sonny/Carly/Alexis] triangle, but I see some stuff that could work with the three of us. Sonny in the middle, liking it all. That could be fun for me."

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