Nancy Lee Grahn: Woman Extraordinaire

Chapter One
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The news had come as a shock, a shock, which evoked emotions that Sonny had never again expected to feel towards Alexis Davis. He had been up early and found the morning newspaper lying on the table. While sipping on his coffee, he almost burned his tongue when he picked up the paper and read the headline, "Attorney at Law, Alexis Davis hospitalized after brutal attack." Something overcame Sonny as he felt the need to sit down; the emotions swimming inside him scared him to the very core. He was actually afraid for the safety of Alexis.  
Sonny had told himself that Alexis was a woman who no longer concerned him; she was someone, who if he had to, he would crush, but he could not shake the feelings inside him. If he felt nothing for her, like he told himself, then why was he so terrified that she may have been killed? After taking a few more sips of coffee, he continued reading the paper and suddenly froze. His coffee mug slipped from his fingers, the glass shattering the smooth floor; he hardly noticed. His mind could not get the last sentence out of his mind. Little Kristina had been kidnapped.
Sonny jumped at the shrill ring of the telephone, but quickly made his way to pick it up. "Yeah."
"Sonny, it's Ric. I need you right now at GH."
"What do you want Ric? I'm a little busy, so make this good."
"I don’t have time for this right now, Sonny. I don't know why the hell I'm calling you, but for some reason Alexis has been adamant about talking to you. She's been repeating your name and something about needing to see you."
"I don't concern myself with those matters anymore. If Alexis needs to talk to me, she can do it another time," Sonny stated coldly.
"Damn you Sonny! Why don't you forget your damn pride and just get over here!" In all honesty Sonny was extremely concerned for Alexis, but there was no way he would let her or Ric know it. He wouldn't show weakness.
"I'll be there when I can," he said and promptly hung up the phone.  
Exactly fifteen minutes after Ric called, Sonny found himself walking through the all too familiar hall of the hospital waiting room. Here, he also found the familiar face of his somewhat ragged looking brother.  
"You decided to show up? How noble of you."
"It sounded somewhat important. It shouldn't take too long. How is she?" Sonny asked casually, not wanting to sound too concerned.
"She's resting right now. The doctors say she suffered from two broken ribs, thankfully neither of them punctured a lung, two bruised ribs, a fractured wrist, her left one of course, and some bruises and cuts on her face from where the bastard hit her. Luckily, her face wasn't fractured and the doctors say there is an extremely low chance of any scarring.  
"She's pretty out of it right now because after she found out that Kristina was gone, she became very upset and she had to be sedated because the doctors were afraid that she was going to further injure herself."
"Do they know anything else about who took Kristina or if she’s alright?" Sonny asked, worry laced on his voice for the little girl. Although Ric had barely seen Sonny with Kristina, he knew that the mobster had a definite soft spot for her.
"The police haven’t got a clue, and neither do I for that matter. There was a call that came in at around eighty-thirty last night from one of Alexis’ neighbours complaining about shouting and loud noises. After she stated the apartment number and I realized it was Alexis’ place, I went with the PCPD and found Alexis lying unconscious on the floor. We searched the place and found that Kristina was gone. Hopefully, Alexis will be able to tell us more after she wakes up. The only reason I called you here is because she keeps on mumbling your name and that she needs to see you. I really hope that you can give us some answers."
"What room is she in?"
As much as he told himself that he was not going to let Alexis get to him, the site of her lying so still and pale amongst the crisp, white sheets of the bed took his breathe away.  
For instant, Sonny found himself transported back to another time when she was so full of life, flushed from their senual love making, as they lay in bed, holding each other in his, candle-lit bedroom. Sonny quickly pushed the thought aside. He went to open the door, but was stopped when he felt a strong grip on his arm.  
"Things are still a little fragile and the slightest distress could cause major trouble. Keep your self-righteousness and troubled anger to a minimum. She doesn't need this right now," Ric whispered to Sonny, his tone taking on a threatening pitch.
"Back off, Ric. Alexis doesn't need you to take care of her. She does a fine job on her own." Ric removed his hand from Sonny's arm, allowing him to enter the room.  
Sonny closed the door and stood there for a few minutes, unsure of what to do next.
"Ric?" He heard a strained, raspy voice call out.
"Uh, no. It's me, Sonny."

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