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Chapter Five
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Chapter 5
Johnny stood outside the door to Alexis' room and groaned when he saw the bony figure approaching. Earlier he had poked his head into the room to tell Sonny he had arrived, but stopped when he saw Sonny sleeping peacefully with Ms. Davis in his arms. He decided he was not going to be the one to disturb and ruin the relaxation that had crossed over Sonny's face since he had been with Ms. Davis. He was just sorry that Carly would be the one to do it. 'Well not if I can help it. Here we go'.
"Wheres my husband?" Carly shrieked.
"Carly, Sonny is busy right now."
"Well, hell make time for me you know, he loves me."
"You'll have to come back later or wait somewhere else. Sonny has more important things to take care of right now."
"Nothing is more important to Sonny than me! Oh wait, is he with that tramp Alexis? She just cant wait to get her hands all over him now can she? Who the hell does she think she is? Well I won't let that happen," she said moving her way towards the door. Before she could get anywhere, Johnny stepped in front of her, blocking her path.
"First of all Carly, show a little respect, Ms. Davis almost died. Second, Sonny will see you when he has the time and third, keep your voice down, there are patients trying to sleep," Johnny stated firmly.
"Ok you know what? You cant talk to me like that but whatever ok? I'll be back," she huffed; elbows flailing as she walked away.
Johnny relaxed and let out a sigh of relief after Carly left. She had been getting on all the boys' nerves wit her constant whining and complaining. They were getting tired of it and one of them was going to say something sooner or later. The boys were going to be jealous of Johnny now. First he is the one who always gets to watch Ms. Davis, and second he was the one who finally got to say something to Carly. He just hoped Sonny wouldn't fire him for what he said, but he had a feeling he wouldn't, Ms. Davis wouldn't let him. Johnny had to laugh at the thought. The lady lawyer certainly was something.
Sonny slowly woke with a tingling in his arm. He turned his head, coming face to face with Alexis, their noses almost touching. He took in the sight of her sleeping face and felt his breath catch in his throat, so beautiful. She looked exactly like an angle. He saw her eyes begin to flutter and then open. She blinked a few times until her eyes focused on Sonny's.
"Hey sleepy head," he said smiling at her.
Alexis smiled back and asked groggily, "what time is it?"
"About 8:30 in the morning."
Alexis felt something pressing into her back and realized it was Sonny's arm. She began to sit up in order for him to free it, but stopped when the pain coursed throughout her abdomen.
"Hey, hey. Take it easy there. Let me help you up," he said gently putting his around her shoulders and helped her up. She shot him a glance, didn't protest about being helped. She was just too damn tired.
"Thank you," she whispered.
"It was my pleasure."
She smiled lightly, her attention quickly turning towards his appearance. "Sonny, when was the last time you had a shower or ate something for that matter?" She asked concerned.
'Leave it to Alexis to care more about the way others feel than herself'. "Don't worry about me Alexis, right now I'm a little more concerned about you." 
"Have you been here the entire time?"
"I wasn't going to leave you," he said truthfully.
Her heart jumped at his last comment, but asked honestly in a small voice. "Why?"
"Because I care too much about you and I wasn't going to loose you too," he told her, eyes locked firmly with hers.
"Well, I'm okay now, so please do me a favour and go home. Give yourself a shower, change your clothes, and maybe shave, I'm not used to seeing you with a beard," she laughed lightly tracing his whiskered cheek. "And eat a decent meal for me will ya?"
"Alexis, I don't want to leave you alone, I mean you just woke up and well-"
"Sonny, you have nothing to worry about. If I know you, and I know you, Johnny is standing right outside that door, guarding me with everything it's worth. Tell me I'm wrong?" She said smugly, sure she had won this battle.
"I know but still Alexis."
"The faster you go, the faster you can come back. And Sonny, no offence, but you stink," she teased.
"Figuratively or literally this time?"
"This time, literally."
Sonny laughed, sliding out of the bed. "Alright I'm leaving, but I'll be back, I promise."
"I bet you will. Dont worry I'll be waiting, its not as though I can go anywhere." 
"You better be," he said softly, trailing a finger along her jaw. Alexis immediately felt her temperature rise. Just one touch from this man sent her sky-high. 'Damn my over sensitive body!' He walked towards the door and glanced back.
"Sonny, go!"
"Okay, I'm gone." He took one last look before shutting the door.
"Hey boss."
"Johnny, no one goes in unless you know who he or she are and what he or she wants. Understood?"
"Good." Sonny walked towards the elevator, and pushed the button. The doors opened; he was gone.
Johnny, opened the door to Alexis' room, and poked his head in. He was glad to see she was asleep and Carly had not disturbed her rest. He knew Ms. Davis needed as much sleep as possible and he was more than happy to make sure he would let her get it. She would need it because when she was better and out of the hospital, Carly would be jumping down her throat again. Johnny respected Ms. Davis and admired the way she handled Carly. She did it with intelligence and class. Something Carly would never have or understand, not even in a million years. He gently closed the door, taking his post once again outside her door.
Once Johnny shut the door, he noticed a well-built man in an Armani suit, holding flowers approach him.  
"Excuse me, do you know where the maternity ward is? My sister just had a little baby girl and I can't seem to find the wing. The nurse at the desk said it was around here, but I can't seem to find it," he said with a small laugh.
"I'm not too sure, but I think it's down the hall and to the left," Johnny said, moving his head and arm to point in the direction of which way he was talking about.
The man in the Armani suit took advantage of Johnnys brief distraction and brought his fist crashing down upon the back of Johnny's head. He quickly caught him before he hit the ground. "It's all clear," he said as Carly stepped out from her hiding place.
"Good. Now, make sure he isn't seen. Put him in the closet or something," Carly said opening the door to Alexis room. She watched the guard drag Johnny away before she entered the room. Once she was sure he was out of site, she walked in. She closed the door loudly.
Alexis was jerked awake by the slamming of something heavy. Her head throbbed at the intense pain from the sudden loud noise. She struggled to open her eyes from the heavyness of them. Her eyes finally cooperated in opening and she was greeted with the snarling face of one Carly Corinthos.

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