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Chapter Seven
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Chapter 7 
A thick jungle of lush tropical brush surrounded the single floor compound located in the great depths of the land. Activity was minimum with the sun's heat beating down until exhaustion. Lone guards stood at posts along the walls of the compound, but all excitement was beginning within the building.  
"You said he wouldn't be hurt!" Carly screeched as she stomped around the room. It was filled with two couches, a deep oak table and a wall filled with TV monitors.  
Helena gave a weary sigh and took another sip of wine. "Carly, my dear, will you ever learn not to talk back or question my ways?"  
"Okay, you know what? I tried to get rid of Alexis, without your help I might add, and you said once I helped with your little plan, Sonny and I would be together and we wouldn't have to worry about that little tramp. And now look at where things have ended up. I want out Helena and I want Sonny to come with me," she stated firmly.  
Helena stared at Carly with dark, eyes; not impressed.  
"No one walks away from Helena Cassadine unless they are willing to pay the consequences. You my dear, are treading on a very thin line so don't aggravate me any further. How Mr. Corinthos ended up with you is beyond me. You're as much a nuisance as the bastard child, Natasha. I should do away with you both."  
Carly stood dumfounded at the words Helena just spoke. "You can't kill me you know. I'm too important for your plan," she told Helena despite her nervousness.  
Helena let out a sharp laugh at the stupidity this girl showed. "I promise you Carly, I can and will kill you if I feel it necessary. Remember that dear, because a Cassadine always keeps a promise."  
Before Carly could respond, one of Helena's men entered the room. He stood, towering over six feet, his body a vast mass of muscle, his strength shining in his upper arms and chest. His face was chiseled along the jaw and nose, definitely of Greek decent. Obviously Helena' most trusted and prized guard.  
"Madame," he spoke in a thick accent, "the prisoner is ready."  
"Excellent," Helena said, a sly smile forming on her emaciated face. "I hope for Mr. Corinthos' sake he has an acquired taste for Hide and Seek."  
The guard gave a slight bow and was gone.  
"Hide and Seek? What the hell does that have to do with Sonny? Helena what are you doing?" Carly whined.  
"Patience. All in good time my dear. But first I think it's about time the guest of honour joins us, don't you?"  
Hot. So exceedingly hot. Flashes of white, hot pain tore through her head. There was so much pain and it made her sick. Rolling over, Alexis emptied her stomach contents on the floor beneath her. "Oh god," she gasped, moving away from the mess and smell created. Trying to stand turned out to be more difficult than she anticipated.  
As she stood, she could feel the pain ripping through her abdomen, the room spinning out of control. Clutching her stomach, she reminded herself to just breathe. Despite the pain she felt, she had to laugh at the irony of what she just said. Where was Sonny when you needed him?  
Sonny, oh god. Please let him be alright. She had lost too much and she would not lose him too. He was far too important. She promised herself once she escaped she would sit down and discuss everything with him and where they stood with one another.  
Finally feeling confident enough to stand without a great deal of pain, she scanned the room taking in her surroundings. The room had a single window, much too high to reach but without glass. The walls were of hard stone, flat and drab. The ground was of concrete and a single-bed cot hung behind her. "How cozy," she mumbled miserably. "First the hospital and now this."  
Easing herself back down to the cot, she realized her clothes were different. No longer was she wearing the hospital gown, but a white cotton t-shirt that fell just short of her knees. She was thankful to find her under clothing was still situated on her body. Looking down, she noticed she had no footwear. Perfect.  
Sitting back against the wall, she tried to figure out who was behind this master plan. She had a definite idea of who it was but she still couldn't be one hundred percent sure. Trying to think of possible escape scenarios was her next plan but it was soon short lived by the clicking of the dead lock and the heavy metal door swinging open.  
"Natasha, it's nice to see the little mouse has awoken yes? Although it looks as though you're not feeling to well," Helena smirked, pointing towards the bile sitting in a puddle near the far wall. "Pity."  
"Ah Helena, I should have known. But seriously, this game you play is becoming quite tedious. You used to be so much more creative, but then again I suppose with your age and all you game is a little off. Can't really fault you for that now can we?" Alexis felt exhilarated talking back to Helena. All her life she lived in fear of this woman, but not anymore. She was Alexis Davis now and she would die if it meant bringing Helena down with her.  
"My, my Natasha, what a tongue for someone like you. In time you will learn to regret using it against me. I know you are still the weak ugliness you always were. When I'm finished with you you'll have me begging to kill you."  
"Not anymore Helena. I would rather die than beg for mercy at the hands of you. You have no power over me and I will die to prove that. But as a matter of fact, you should seriously think about killing me now because of you don't I will kill you. One of us will come out of this alive and I'm betting that's it going to be me."  
Helena laughed out loud, the sound echoing through the small pace. "Oh Natasha what fun you would have been if only you developed a spine before this, such a pity. But right now I can't think about what things could have been, I have more important matters to attend to, as do you. If you don't mind, you may follow me. And don't be stupid to fight this, or I'll only have my lovely two hundred pound guard drag you from here and take you to where I please."  
"Don't worry Helena, I wouldn't dream of it," Alexis replied dryly.  
"Wonderful. Please after you."  
Walking into the large room, Alexis noticed the large windows and the endless rows of tropical scenery just beyond her reach. The front entrance of the compound was right down the hallway and to the left from the room they had just entered. Looking around, she stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the figure in the far corner of the room- Carly. Anger boiled within her, and Helena sensing this motioned for the guard to keep the two separated.  
"Carly, you disgust me. What the hell are you doing?"  
"Oh Alexis, you are always playing so innocent. I am going to be rid of you once and for all. Helena is my partner. At least we have one thing in common, our hatred for you!" Carly spat.  
"Oh please, spare me. Carly, do you really think you are actually working with Helena? I hope you realize you are just one of her many puppets for her master plan. You really are mentally impaired aren't you? It's really quite sad."  
Carly was about to lunge after Alexis, but all attention was drawn to the TV monitors that turned on. The face of a bruised tired looking Sonny Corinthos appeared.  
"Sonny," Alexis whispered.  
"Helena what have you done to him? You promised me he wouldn't be hurt," Carly screeched.  
"Quiet!" Helena yelled. "Things don't always go as planned. But if you would pay attention to the monitors the fun is about to begin."  
Once again, everyone turned silently towards the monitor and watched the scene unfold before them. The guard that was previously in the room pushed Sonny out into the open field, just a few feet in front of him, and took out his gun.  
"Now, the object of this game is to see if Mr. Corinthos has acquired the survival skills in order to get out of this predicament. Predator verses pray, may the better man win."  
Alexis swallowed hard, not believing what was happening. How could Sonny survive this massive guard plus a gun? Oh please god, don't let him die.  
"Helena, stop this at once," Alexis, stated firmly. "This has gone far enough. You proved your point of power not let him go. Sonny has nothing to do with this."  
"Oh but you're mistaken Natasha. He has everything to do with it. It is the one factor that will bring you to your knees."  
With the heat of the discussion, no one saw Sonny's quick movement for the gun in the guard's hand in an attempt to knock the gun out of his hand. Sonny's hand just came in contact with the guards when the gun went off. Everyone turned, shocked at the sound of gun fire. All were met with the silence of the room and the image of a male body lying on the soft grass, motionless.

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