Nancy Lee Grahn: Woman Extraordinaire

Chapter One
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Chapter 1
The piped leaked, a constant, dripping sound.
A crack, in the window curtain cast an eerie glow upon the figure sitting behind a worn-out wooden desk. He sat, staring at the wall. Staring at her. His bony hand reached out, ever so gently, and began to outline the contours of her delicate face. His hand dropped, his eyes closed and he sighed. God he loved those bright, big, chocolate eyes of hers. Her smile, to him, was a natural high that sent him over the edge.
He quickly picked up a pair of scissors and began to cut out an article and photo with her face on it. His thin lips pursed as he began a whistle of tuneless notes. His breathing became heavy as he concentrated on cutting around the edges of her face, eliminating the slick-haired man beside her. His cutting had to be perfect. She was.  
The whistling stopped, as did his cutting. He placed the scissors on the discarded newspaper and placed a piece of tape on the four corners of the article. He carefully placed it on the wall with all the others. Admiring his work, he stared at it; stared at her. He read the title of the article over to himself and smiled.
"That's my girl, you always do," he whispered.
He stood abruptly, knocking his chair over in the process. He ran to the closet, grabbed his coat, and locked the locks; all five of them. He quickly walked down the hall and entered the elevator. He was gone.
And the piped leaked.
"Well counselor, congratulations on yet again, another victory for your very pleasant, very guilty client," Taggert said, opening the door for Alexis to walk through.
"Thank you lieutenant, and my client isn't guilty until proven. In this case, unfortunately for you, he wasn't," Alexis said, smiling sweetly.  
"Yeah sure, we'll nail him soon," Taggert said dryly.
"Not while I'm his lawyer you won't," she stated triumphantly.
"That's what I'm afraid of," he muttered.
"And that's the way I want to keep it," Sonny said, walking up to stand beside Alexis.
"Whatever Sonny wants, Sonny gets," Taggert shoot before walking away.
"You know Alexis; you really outdid yourself this time. I mean, I gotta admit that for a second I thought that I was a goner. But then BAM! you blew them out of the water, surprised me and won the case with everyone in awe. Damn you're good!" Sonny said, flashing his dimples.
"Well Sonny, I'm a little offended you didn't have complete faith in my skills as your lawyer. I mean, my hourly rates aren't this high for nothing you know. But you're right, I am good!" She said laughing. She picked up her briefcase and put on her coat.
"This calls for a celebration, my treat," he said, taking her arm and leading her down the hall.
"Sonny, I don't know, I mean-"
"Hey Alexis, look. We made the front page," Sonny told her, looking at the paper by his feet. He bent down and read the headline out loud.
"Top notch lawyer wins another case for local mobster".
"Local mobster, what's the deal with that?" Sonny asked.
Alexis laughed as she read it over herself.
"The truth hurts."
"Well, whatever, let's go celebtare, I'm hungry. And, I'm not taking no for an answer," Sonny stated firmly.
"Ok, you win."
"I always do."
"Very amusing Sonny."
"I thought it was," he teased.
They continued to walk, reaching the door, when Alexis stopped dead in her tracks.
"What's the mat-"
A tuneless whistling began to float through the air, sending a deep shiver done Alexis' spine.  
"You ok?"
"I'm fine, it just really gave me the creeps for a second."
"Hey, it's probably just the janitor's radio on with low batteries," Sonny told her lightly.
"Yeah, you're probably right. I'm just being silly. Let's go, I'm getting hungry too."
"Alexis Davis, silly?" Sonny teased.
"Sonny, shut up!" She threw back at him.
They both laughed, and walked together into the night air.
The tuneless notes continued.

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