Nancy Lee Grahn: Woman Extraordinaire

Chapter One
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Chapter One
Alexis entered her apartment, tossing her keys carelessly on her desk, shrugging out of her jacket. Her whole body ached and her throat had become dry and scratchy. Sighing heavily, she gratefully threw her body down across the couch. She laid her head back on the armrest, closing her eyes. 'Just for a minute', she told herself. Moments later, a heavy blanket of sleep engulfed her.
The pounding in her head would not stop. She groggily opened her eyes, trying to sit up without making herself dizzy. The pounding continued. She soon realized someone was at her door, and they wouldn't go away.
"Alexis!" Sonny called out.
The pounding in her head subdued to a dull ache as she rose from the couch. She took a few steps when a wave of dizziness washed over her. Her vision blurred and she clutched onto the table, giving herself support.
'Note to self, don't do that again', she thought, slowly making her way to the door.
She opened the door and he stopped mid-sentence. He looked at her face and was immediately concerned.
"Alexis, are you feeling okay? You look a little pale," he said, taking a step closer.
"I'm fine Sonny, just tired. Is there something wrong?" She asked, leaning against the doorframe.
"I heard about Helena. I tried calling you but you didn't answer. Then I got really worried, so I came over to see if you were okay. I can have Johnny over here in ten minutes," he told her, walking into her apartment.
She sighed heavily, closing the door. She walked towards the couch and sat down. "I'm fine Sonny, really I am. I appreciate your concern but it's not necessary. Right now I'm not too worried about Helena. I've wasted too much of my time being afraid of that witch. I'm putting a stop to it here!" She stated firmly.
"Alexis, if something is bothering you, I'm here to listen you know."
"Sonny, I'm fine. Please just drop it."
"Okay," he said, shrugging it off.
"Sonny, I'm sorry. I'm just not myself tonight. I know you are just being my friend, and you have no idea what that means to me. Can we please just drop it for tonight? I just don't feel like talking."
"Alexis Davis doesn't feel like talking? Are those pigs I see flying?" He teased.
"Very funny, Corinthos."
He smiled at her, dimples on full display. His face took a more serious approach as he sat down beside her. "I understand completely, Alexis. Promise me you will never be afraid to tell me anything," he said, gently taking her hand into his. He was amazed at how smooth and soft it felt under his fingers.
"Only if you promise me the same thing," she told him softly, giving his hand a gentle squeeze.
Their gaze locked. Neither moved nor spoke. They simply sat, staring at one another, eyes burning.
Alexis was the first to look away, tearing her eyes away from his beautiful face. She glanced back at the dining room table and a smile crept over her lips. She stood up and walked towards the table. Sonny followed her, unable to look away. 'God she's gorgeous', he thought. He watched her; curious though as to what she was doing. She turned back to him; a deck of cards in her hand.
"Since you don't like talking very much and I'm not in the mood, would you like to play?" She asked, a mischievous grin plastered over her face. Sonny looked at her, matching the grin.
"Baby, youre on."
"And you're going down."
"Don't bet on it."
"I already have."
Hours later, the two were still playing. Neither would let the other have the winning hand to finish the game.
"Alexis, you are such a cheater!"
"I am not Sonny. Youre the one stacking the deck when I go to the bathroom.
"At least I don't keep other cards tucked away in my lap, and use it when it comes in handy."
"I told you, it fell out of my hand and into my lap. When I realized it had fallen, I placed it back into my hand. It just happened to play well with what I had."
"Nice try Alexis. You cheat!"
"I think you are jealous because I'm a better poker player than you are."
Sonny laughed. "You can only wish."
"Fine, next hand, winner takes all, and the loser has to buy the other diner."
"Youre on!"
"Good, but first, I'd like a refill please," Alexis said, handing Sonny her empty glass.
"Why? So you can fix the deck while I'm gone because you can't win one on your own?" She simply shrugged, winking as he disappeared into the kitchen.
She arched her back, trying to stretch her sore muscles. Her body had begun to ache again, and the pain in her head was returning. The throbbing was pounding at her temples and her throat was once again irritated. A chill had crept its way through her body and she shivered involuntarily. She wondered what the temperature of the room was.
Alexis stood up, deciding to check the thermostat. She pushed herself away from the table and immediately regretted it. Her head swam, causing her vision to blur once again. Bright flashes of white and green swam before her, as her body swayed. It felt as though the room was spinning out of control. Sonny walked out of the kitchen, carrying two glasses of brandy.  
He was just in time to witness Alexis' eyes roll back in her head and she descended to the ground. Sonny dropped the glasses he was holding and raced to catch her. His arms wrapped tightly around her limp body, moments before she hit the ground.

Chapter Two

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