Nancy Lee Grahn: Woman Extraordinaire

Chapter Two
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Chapter Two
Sonny gently lifted her into his arms and placed her onto the couch. He looked down, shocked to see how pale her face has grown. 
"Alexis," he called, lightly tapping her cheeks, hoping she would awake. "C'mon, open those beautiful brown eyes of yours." He let out a breath, not realizing he was holding it when he saw the fluttering of eyelids. 
"Sonny?" She asked, her voice hoarse. 
"Yeah, it's me, just relax," he told her, brushing her bangs away from her eyes. 
"What happened?" 
"You decided to faint on me, and had me worried. Alexis, have you eaten today?" 
"Oh, god, please don't mention food, Sonny," she squirmed, turning her head away from the light. "Would you mind turning down the lights, my head is killing me," she asked, giving him a small smile. 
"You got it," he said, getting up and turning of the main lights. He switched on a smaller lamp, dimly lighting the room. 
"Thank you," she replied gratefully. 
"Anything for my favourite lady lawyer." 
"How charming." 
Sonny knelt in front of her, lightly running his fingers along her cheek and forehead. "You feel a little warm, Alexis. Maybe we should call the doctor." 
"Don't be ridiculous Sonny. I'm fine, just tired. Please don't worry about me." 
"I always worry."  She blushed at his last comment, and hoped that he mistook it for her already flushed cheeks. 
"How about I make you some soup or something. Popcorn will not help you keep your strength up," he teased, but hoping she would accept the offer. 
"I promise I'll eat later. Would you mind helping me sit up?" 
"Sure." Sonny wrapped an arm around her shoulders and helped guide her up. He heard her low moan. 
"What's the matter?" 
"Just a little sore, nothing to fuss about." 
"Here, let me help you." Sonny positioned himself behind her on the couch, took her by the shoulders and helped her to lean back. He gently began to massage her upper back and neck. He heard her sigh as the tension in her muscles drained away as his fingers continued their dance along her back.
Her eyes closed, her head dropped down. 'God this feels so good', she thought to herself. She could feel her energy drain away from her body as his fingers pressed into tender flesh. 
"Feel better?" 
"Mmhm," was all she could mutter.
Sonny placed a pillow into his lap, gently pulling Alexis down to rest her body. He placed her head on the pillow and leaned back. She curled her legs up, lying on her back. Sonny reached behind him, taking the afghan resting on the back of the couch, and placed it over her shivering body.
Sonny looked down at the amazing creature in his lap and sighed. I've got to be the luckiest man alive', He told himself. 
"Sonny," she whispered, barely audible. 
"Shh," he whispered, stroking her soft chestnut hair. "It's okay, just close you eyes and sleep." He continued to stroke her hair, occasionally tracing the outline of her jaw with his finger. "Just sleep." 
He felt her breathing even out as his head fell back against the couch. His heavy lids closed, and he too, was consumed in the world of sleep.

Chapter Three

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