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Part Two of Swan Dive

She Says
It was April 23rd and Alexis was nervous as hell.
Standing on the front porch of the lakehouse she
knocked on the door quickly, and took a step back,
willing herself not to run away. It had been three weeks
since her first foray into the world of kissing girls, and
as much fun as that evening had been, she wasn`t sure
if she was ready for an encore performance. Still, it
was Sonny`s birthday, as well as a private anniversary
for the two of them. What better night, she figured,
than to make him follow through on the promise he
made her upon their reconciliation.
Skye Chandler Quartermaine opened the door and
couldn`t help herself from smiling as she saw Alexis on
her front porch. Quickly pushing open the door she put
an arm on Alexis` shoulder and escorted her inside.
`So, things are good?,` Skye asked with a smile.
`Yeah, they`re good,` Alexis smiled back. `Really good.
And you?` With genuine happiness in her eyes Skye
said, `They couldn`t be better.`
Alexis turned and said, `Then perhaps I should go`.
Skye reached out a hand to stop Alexis. `Please don`t
leave. I have to ask you something. I just need a
moment to gather my courage.`
Curiosity piqued, Alexis opened her arms wide,
gestured to the room and said, `All right. I`ll stay. You
can have me as long as you want me.` Realizing her
faux pas she giggled, and Skye joined in.
`Tell me, Alexis, how did Sonny react to the little scene
he witnessed a few weeks back?` With a smile Alexis
said, `Better than anything anyone could have
planned. It made him realize he wasn`t the only person
in the world that found me attractive, and I think that
irked him beyond belief. Within moments he was
declaring his feelings for me and apologizing for his
many months of apathy. What happened with Jax?`
Remembering their marathon lovemaking session after
Jax had spotted Skye with Alexis, Skye suppressed a
giggle. `Actually, Jax had quite a similar reaction.
Couldn`t believe he didn`t realize it sooner. Of course if
he`d seen me with another man I am quite sure he
wouldn`t have had the same reaction. I guess we were
lucky that things worked out so well. Jax even
suggested it wasn`t the first time that you and I had
done that.`
With a slight look of surprise Alexis told Skye that
Sonny had raised the same issue with her. Alexis knew
that now was the time to bring up the thing that she
had come there to say. `Feel free to say no to this, but
I was wondering, rather Sonny and I were wondering,
perhaps, if you might be interested in trying something
new ... with us ... this evening.`
Skye was both flattered and terrified at the possibility.
Without thinking she said, `I`ll do it if you`ll agree to the
same -- with Jax and I -- tomorrow`. Alexis sucked air
in so quickly she nearly passed out. Where was that
paper bag she usually carried?
`Oh, I don`t ... uh, I can`t. I mean, Jax and I were
married and we didn`t even... He couldn`t possibly... He
suggested that?`
Knowing now wasn`t a time to lie, Skye decided,
instead, to be brazen. `No, actually it was my idea. I
had a really good time with you that night... too good, I
think, for Jax. He couldn`t understand things that ... uh
... we might be able to do without him. So, he said that
if I wanted to do it, he would prefer to be involved,
instead of a bystander. So, I told him I`d ask you. I told
him you`d say no, but I told him I`d ask you
nonetheless. Will you?`
`Will you?,` Alexis asked, knowing Skye could barely
stand the sight of Sonny, and that the chances of her
agreeing to go to bed with him were slim to none. `I
will, if you will,` she said, shocked at her own
`Deal,` Skye said before she could hesitate. `So,
tonight with you & Sonny, and tomorrow with Jax and I,
`Correct,` Alexis said, realizing her social calendar
hadn`t been so busy since before she lost the race for
Assistant D.A.
`Is there anything special that I should bring tonight?,`
Skye asked, somewhat awkwardly. `Is there anything
that Sonny ... uh ... enjoys in particular?`
Thinking about it Alexis stated the only things that she
could come up with. `He really likes strawberries, but
don`t worry, he`ll have picked some up at the market
already today. The bonus of sex with Sonny is that, if
nothing else, you always get a square meal out of it.
Sonny has this thing about cooking for women, like
he`s fattening them up for the kill of his charm. He
could give Emeril a run for his money. You`ve never
tasted breakfast until it`s been made for you by my
boyfriend, mobster extraordinaire, Sonny Corinthos.
He likes black lacy slips, too. But it`s really up to you.`
With a smile, Alexis made her way to Skye`s door.
`Let`s say, around 8:30? At the penthouse?` Skye
agreed, anticipation clinging to every fibre of her being.  
Alexis got home and checked the machine. She was
thrilled to hear a message from Elton, her live-in
nanny, telling her it was no problem for him to watch
Adella this evening, and telling her to have fun,
whatever she was planning.  
Alexis began to get things ready for the evening. In
anticipation of Skye`s participation she`d already
chosen several appropriate cds. In the five-disk
changer she`d set out
Norah Jones: Come Away
With Me; Natalie Merchant: Ophelia; Ani DiFranco: Not
So Soft; The Bridges Of Madison County: Soundtrack
& Billie Holliday: Greatest Hits
. She hoped by
choosing music that was different than the music that
she and Sonny usually listened to, but in the same
style, that it would be enough to ease his comfort level,
but not enough to evoke past lovemaking sessions
where they hadn`t had company.  
She checked upstairs to ensure that Graciela had
changed the sheets, that plenty of protection was close
at hand, and that no telltale signs of Sonny`s life with
the mob were lying about. Not that she thought Skye
had anything to gain by finding anything, but it was just
one more headache she wished to avoid.
She went into the bathroom to ensure that everything
Skye might need to make herself comfortable was
available -- extra toothbrush, still in package, three
kinds of toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss (she
might be a teeth-cleaning freak -- who really knows
about these things?); lip gloss; perfume; hairbrush;
hair clip (Sonny did like those), and plenty of kleenex
and toilet paper. `Cause you just never know...
Satisfied that things were in good order she next went
on a search for the baby monitor. There was no way
she wanted any accidental eavesdroppers. After all,
she`d seen that episode of `The Bold & The Beautiful`,
and the end results just weren`t pretty.
Finally she decided the place was never going to look
any cleaner, and at this point all she could clean up
was herself. She slipped into a bath with a glass of
white wine and tried to relax. Luckily she had opted for
a bikini wax several days ago, so she was feeling
confident about her appearance. She shaved her legs,
taking care not to nick herself as she usually did. She
couldn`t imagine anything unsexier than getting into
bed with little pieces of toilet paper stuck to cuts on her
legs. After that, she decided to clip her toe nails and
fingernails. Again, she wanted to avoid any possible
accidents, and being that she didn`t know the nature of
what was to happen tonight, she decided to take all
precautions possible.
She heard Sonny coming up the stairs as she was
stepping out of the bathtub. She wrapped a towel
around herself, gulped back the last of the wine and
decided to just tell him what was going to happen.
`Sonny, I need to talk to you. Now. In here.` Sonny
entered the bedroom and was surprised to find Alexis
not dressed.  
`I thought we were going out for my birthday. Why
aren`t you dressed yet?`
Alexis said, `change of plans, actually. We`re not going
out. We`re staying in. We`re having a private party.`
Sonny smiled at the sound of that.  
`And I`ve invited a third party to share it with us.` At
that, Sonny stopped smiling. `I thought you said we`d
be alone. You couldn`t get Elton to take the baby?`
`Oh, this person`s over twenty-one,` Alexis said,
choosing her words carefully. `Remember how we
decided it might be fun to spice up our bedroom
activities recently?` Sonny nodded, knowing he
probably wouldn`t like what was coming next.
`Well, I`ve asked for an expert`s help in that arena. Jax
is coming over tonight. We`re all going to bed
Alexis said this in a rush, trying to gauge Sonny`s
reaction to the news.
`No way, Alexis. No, that`s not happening. I don`t care
if you were married to him, there is no way on god`s
green earth that I will ever share my bed with
candyboy. No way.`
Sonny`s skin visibly crawled as the thought entered his
mind. Not that he hadn`t wondered about man on man
contact before, but certainly not with the Aussie.
`Well, good news then,` said Alexis with forced
cheerfulness. `I was just kidding. Jax isn`t coming
tonight. Skye is`.
`Skye? Are you kidding me? She`s even worse than
Jax. That woman is a human viper. She would just as
soon cut out your heart as look at you. I am not --
repeat not -- allowing her into my penthouse, let alone
my bed. End of discussion`.
Forty minutes later Sonny was pouring two glasses of
brandy and a selzer water. He handed the glass of
water to Skye with a smile. It was his birthday, and he
was sharing it with one of the people he most despised
on earth. And why? Because his girlfriend had
threatened to cut him off from sex for the rest of the
year unless he agreed to give this a real chance. He
had to admit that up close & personal Skye was kind of
attractive.  In a whole sort of Lucille
Ball-before-she-got-old sort of way. But cute,
Skye eyed Sonny with slight concern. She really didn`t
want to sleep with him. The veiled offer she`d made
two summers ago to team up with him to fight her
family hadn`t been earnest, and he`d seen through it
immediately. He hadn`t let it go gently, and she still felt
a bit of residual anger towards him for exposing her
and embarrassing her in front of everyone. Yet she
was never one to not appreciate the male form in its
glory, and Sonny was certainly in fine form this
evening. His chocolate brown eyes were taking stock
of the situation, and she could see that he was trying
his best to do what Alexis wanted. She had to give him
credit for that. She figured things would be easier the
next evening with Jax and Alexis, but knew better than
to bring that up in front of Sonny on the very real
possibility that Alexis hadn`t bothered telling him about
their promise.
Alexis decided that since the tension was thick enough
to cut with a knife, it was best to get everyone upstairs
before they changed their minds. `Johnny knows that
no one is to be let in under any circumstances, nor that
anyone is to know about this, right?`  
Sonny reassured Alexis and they began to make their
way towards the stairs. Sonny first, then Alexis, and
finally Skye, bringing up the rear, so to speak.  
Once upstairs Alexis began to light candles while
Sonny clicked on the stereo. As Sonny chose Billy
Holliday`s `Strange Fruit` Alexis realized what an
appropriate title it was. They were all a little strange for
doing this, and the haunting imagery of the song began
to enchant her.  
She held out a hand to Skye who took it tentatively and
the women began dancing, somewhat awkwardly at
first, but then began to move together in a comfortable
Pausing mid-sip from his now-second brandy of the
evening he was dazzled by the grace of the two
women moving together. As the song ended and Norah
Jones` `The Nearness Of You` started, he found
himself rising from the bed.  
Before he knew quite what was going on, he found
himself with an arm around each woman`s waist. The
three of them kept dancing, and though one might
imagine it to be awkward, it actually wasn`t, at all. He
placed a kiss on Alexis` neck and, after taking a breath
did the same to Skye.  
He, like Alexis, was surprised by the way Skye`s skin
felt beneath his lips. She had skin the color of clotted
cream, its texture richer than any of his $4,000 Italian
suits. As he`d kissed her neck his face brushed her
hair, and he was quite shocked to learn it too was soft.
She was truly a beautiful woman, and knowing Alexis`
love for `40s screen legend Rita Hayworth, he had no
problem understanding his girlfriend`s attraction to
her, on a purely physical level. What he wasn`t so
comfortable with was the way he had seen Alexis
kissing Skye. The intensity was numbing. He had
selfishly thought the only person to stir up such
feelings in Alexis would be himself. Obviously that
wasn`t quite so true anymore.
The song stopped and the disk changed. Ani DiFranco
was singing something political in `Anticipate` and Skye
decided to take her leave. `I`m just going into the other
room to freshen up. I`ll be right back`.  
`Are you sure you want to do this,` Sonny asked, with a
mixture of hope and curiosity. At this point he wasn`t
sure what would be more stressful for his system --
going through with this or stopping now.  
Alexis smiled and said, `anytime you want to drop out
of the race, that`s fine. You`ll find the two of us
continuing until the end. This can be a spectator sport
or not. You choose.`
Sonny couldn`t believe the words coming out of her
mouth. Apparently they were going through with it. He
had to admit, the prospect thrilled him a little bit.  
Skye emerged from the bathroom clothed in a peach
satin slip with lace edging. She looked like a
pre-Raphaelite painting come to life. He was starting to
think this might not be such a bad idea. Alexis walked
past Skye and into the bathroom.  
Sonny motioned for Skye to sit down beside him. He
gestured towards the half-empty glass on the bedside
table. `Is this going to bother you? I know I`m not your
favorite person in the world, but given your problems
with alcohol ... well, I don`t want to make things worse
in any way`. Skye thought it was odd that Sonny would
worry about such a thing, but she found it endearing
`Let`s just do this before Alexis gets back,` she said,
moving closer to him.  
`Excuse me?` Sonny asked, taken aback by her
`First kiss. Let`s just step up, get it done, and then it
won`t be awkward when Alexis returns. OK? Can we
please just agree to this? And if it`s bad, we can stop
this before we embarrass ourselves further.`
When Sonny realized that Skye only wanted to kiss
him, he was relieved. `Sure, we can do this. OK, let`s
do this`. He was dimly aware of the repetitiveness of
his words, but he chalked it up to temporary
Skye moved closer to him. She put her hand on his
forearm and her lips a breath from his. `I want you to
close your eyes. Tilt your head to the right. Open your
mouth slightly, but only slightly. And don`t touch me
anywhere else.`  
In any other situation Sonny would have been unhappy
about the rules being imposed on him, but he was so
unnerved at what was about to happen, that he simply
tried to remember all that she had said, and abide by
her requests.
Sonny did as he was told. When he felt Skye`s lips
upon his he did not feel the revulsion he had expected.  
Instead, he was pleasantly surprised. She tasted
vaguely like berries and there was a lingering smell of
green tea, like Alexis. She knew exactly the amount of
pressure to apply with her tongue, and he could feel
his muscles contracting as the kiss deepened. Before
he could figure out what he was doing, his hands were
caressing her back and in her hair. There it was again,
soft and beautiful and so very, very red.
Skye took this as a sign of Sonny`s willingness to
experiment, and slowly ran her hand down his inner
thigh. She felt his excitement straining against the
fabric of his pants, and while happy that this wasn`t
going to be an entirely displeasurable experience for
him, she wished he had Jax`s ability to prolong his
Just then Alexis emerged from the bathroom. Wearing
a filmy black slip and matching robe, not unlike the slip
she was wearing on the night they conceived Adella,
Alexis looked beautiful. She was happy to see Skye
and Sonny hitting it off. She knew that if they were
willing to kiss, she probably wouldn`t have to put forth
too much effort in order to get everyone unclothed.
With Natalie Merchant`s `Ophelia` giving her
inspiration (after all, Shakespeare`s female characters
seemed, in some way, the very model for her family),
she made her way over to the bed. Without Skye or
Sonny aware of her presence yet, she shook her head,
tilted it back, tossing the bangs out of her eyes, and
decided the time for action was now.  
She eased her way onto the bed, placing her left hand
on Sonny`s shoulder and her right hand on the small of
Skye`s back. Skye looked up from kissing Sonny and
before Alexis could wonder how they had each enjoyed
it, Skye`s tongue was teasing Alexis` lips. Playfully
lapping at her lips, Skye placed her left hand on
Alexis`s shoulder and her right hand on Sonny`s inner
thigh. Alexis moved her hand from Sonny`s down to his
inner thigh.  
Each woman continued move their to their hand upward
along Sonny`s inner thighs, until their hands met where  
his legs did. He sucked in a quick breath, glad he was still  
wearing his pants at this point. Kissing Skye had been an
interesting enough distraction, and far more pleasant
than he might have thought. However, watching Skye
and Alexis take such pleasure in one another made
keeping his emotions in check, a difficult task.
He realized that he had better do something to get
back in the game, as the women were beginning to
look as though they would rather be there without him.
He raised himself up on his elbows, grabbing each
woman around the waist. Losing their balance they
tumbled toward him, hands flying everywhere in the
He ended up back where he had started, flat on his
back, only this time with a woman curved into either
side of his arms. Although Sonny Corinthos had always
thought of himself as a man of the world when it came to  
sexual experiences, he had to admit that a threesome with  
two such exquisitely feminine creatures was something he
had never experienced before.
Content to rest a moment, Sonny`s heart beat faster  
at the thought of what was to come. Alexis and Skye lifted
their heads at nearly the same time. They made eye
contact and their lips met: directly over Sonny`s chest.
Using his scarred chest as an elbow rest, the women`s
kisses grew more passionate. Having a bird`s eye view
as he did, he pulled two pillows back behind his head
and watched his girlfriend and Skye experiencing
these emotions together.  
Tentatively he lifted his hands. He placed one on each
of their necks and in a simultaneously slow manner he
ran a hand from the base of each woman`s neck, down
the arch of her spine, hesitated at the small of their
backs, trailed down the base of their spines, and came to rest on their behinds.  
He couldn`t remember a time when he had been so aware of the different shapes of female
bodies before. Both women were in amazing physical shape:  
taut, fit and gorgeous.  
But everything from the texture of their skin,
to the feeling of their flesh beneath his fingers was
different. He was always aware of which woman he
was touching, and he wondered if they were gaining
any pleasure from his presence there, or if they would
just be happier if he went downstairs and left them to
take care of things ... together. 

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