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Alexis Quotes
Alexis: "I let a man into my life and now I'm pathetic."
Alexis:"We're going to have to work on the Quartermaine show of solidarity."
Monica: "You're a lawyer, not a miracle worker."
Alexis: "Power is a relative thing. No pun intended."
Alexis: "All this. Painstakingly put together by a man hoping to-"
Jax: "Get lucky?"
Alexis: "I hate that expression. A woman is not a coin toss."
Alexis: "There's nothing like the fear of death to jumpstart a relationship."
Alexis: "You and Jerry hit each other!?"
Jax: "Only when we strongly disagree."
Alexis: "That's barbaric! In my family we poison each other."
Alexis (to Helena): "Shoot, I forgot to put up the barbed wire. Stay right there while I get the killer dogs."
Alexis: "It's always a bad sign when they take away your champagne." 
Alexis: "He's gonna get shot and killed."   
Ned (about Zander): "No he won't.  My luck hasn't been that good lately."
Alexis: "Thematically, it's fitting.  Help yourself to a toaster."
Mac: "I quit my job."
Alexis: "You did! Look at you, you've got your own park bench already."
Alexis: "That's the real problem. I've just described myself as 'fuzzy'."
Helena: "Are you really sure you want to take me on, Alexis?"
Alexis: "More than I want world peace."
Kristina: "Why do you get all flip like that?"
Alexis: "Because sarcasm masks deep pain."
Alexis: "I'm going to have to get sunglasses. Big sunglasses. And hats, with brims and vests, bulletproof. I'll look bulky!" 
Alexis: "Sometimes I just have to remind myself that love is like a space heater... you can carry it around with you, and it keeps you warm, but you can survive without it."
Alexis (about the Deception Party):  "On a list of  500 things that I would rather not do... this being 499... I believe that's just above the walking tour of the Siberian Tundra."
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