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Sexis Quotes


Sonny: "You have an incredible mind. Too bad access is so limited."
Alexis: "Are you flirting with me?"
Sonny: "Damn you're good."
Alexis: "I'm just doing my job."
Alexis (to Sonny): "Omni dominum in ducem dominorium, which is Latin for stick it in your ear."
Alexis: "Do you have some sort of a death wish?"
Sonny: "Pass the butter."    
Sonny: "Admit it, you'd miss me."
Alexis: "Like a migraine."
Alexis: "It's a beautiful view."
Sonny: "Worth what I paid for?"
Alexis: "I doubt it."
Sonny (to Alexis): "Alexis, you look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful."
Sonny: "He thinks I'll change, but I won't."
Alexis: "That's a part of who you are."
Sonny: "Some people can't accept that."
Alexis: "I can."
Sonny: "I know."
Alexis: "Why don't you go upstairs, get in bed, lie down, close your eyes, and just sleep like a reasonable person."
Sonny: "I got a better idea. Why don't you put me to bed."
Alexis: "I see you have black satin sheets."
Sonny: "Yeah, they're great for sex."
Alexis: "It's, just a little sudden."
Sonny: "Hey, hey. Not for me."
Sonny: "Do you like have to like analyze everything?"
Alexis: "Yes."
Sonny (to Alexis): "That's a turn on right there. There is nothing, you know, sexier than a women bighting on a strawberry."
Sonny (to Alexis): "It would cost me to lose you."
Sonny (to Alexis): "You forced me to choose, and I chose you."
Alexis (to Sonny): "He smiles! And you made me work so hard...pain in the butt."
Sonny: "I still don't want you to move, but I'm not going to argue with you if it's something you need to do."
Alexis: "I'm not going anywhere."  
Alexis: "Kristina says it's Pluto."
Sonny: "The dog?"
Alexis: "No, the planet."
Alexis to Sonny: "Your men don't know how to crack a safe? What kind of criminals are they?"
Alexis (half joking): "I'm a lunatic."
Sonny (half serious): "I'm used to it."
Alexis: "I know, you tried to do that to me."
Sonny: "Yes, I did."
Alexis: "It didn't work. I don't know, maybe it never will."
Sonny: "Never's a strong word."
Alexis: "I think maybe you're stuck with me. I'm sorry."
Sonny: (smiling) "Thanks."
Sonny (to Alexis): "You have the face of an angel (beat) Eddie's Angel."
Alexis: "Now that I've sunk to your level, I'm gonna go across the hall and stick my head in the oven."
Sonny: "Puerto Rico - it would've been fun..."
Alexis: "Yeah, I know. But, see, now I can't go. Because I hate you."
Alexis: "Now, if you don't mind, I really need to be alone."
Sonny: "I think you already are."
Alexis (to Sonny): "Did you find the bad man that kissed your ex-wife?" 
Sonny: "It's part of my code."
Alexis: "Use that word again and I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
Alexis (to Sonny): "I get it. You're upset, so you come over here to try to run my life." 
Sonny: "Love is like a space heater."
Alexis: "Come again?"
Alexis (about Sonny): "He may be ruthless and amoral, but he has lovely manners."
Alexis: "I would have remembered you."
Sonny: "I would have remembered you too."
Alexis: "I'm having one of those things again, you know?"
Sonny: "Panic attack?"
Alexis: "Yeah."
Sonny: "I don't have any bags here."
Sonny (to Alexis): "I love to watch you work."
Sonny (to Alexis): "You know what you are to me now? Someone who matters, someone I need too much to push away. What am I to you? I mean, what are we to each other? You're like a dance, Alexis, and I'm not talking about drunk on rum in Puerto Rico. You you you like to dance around me. And that's fine because I like to dance with you, too.  But not tonight. You forced me to choose, and I chose you. I wonder, if the positions were reversed, would you choose me?"
Sonny (to Alexis): "You defend me, Alexis. You keep my secrets. You understand the things that I can't say. I started out admiring you, and then I liked you. And now I need you. It's plain and simple. I hate needing anything or anyone, but I need you."

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