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Reluctant Mouthpiece

Alexis walks into Mac's office.

Alexis: Where's Commissioner Scorpio?

Sonny: Um, he's not here. You're late.

Alexis: Excuse me?

Dara walks in.

Dara: (looks at Alexis, contemptuously) Should've known. All right, then if Mr. Corinthos and his legal counsel are ready, let's get started then.

Sonny: Fine.

Alexis: (annoyed) What exactly is going on here?

{Next Scene}

Alexis: For some reason, Mr. Corinthos is under the mistaken impression that I am here to represent him. In fact, I am here to see Mac Scorpio. So if you'd like to question Mr. Corinthos, by all means, why don't you take him into your office and I'll wait here for Mr. Scorpio.

Dara: Well, I happen to be working here so why don't you wait in the hall.

Sonny: Ms. Jensen's office is being painted today, and I'd go, but I got bad allergies with paint fumes, and, you know.

Dara: Can we get on with this?

Sonny: Yeah.

Alexis rolls her eyes and walks to the door to leave. She stops and is asking a policeman about something in a file she is holding.

Dara: (into tape recorder) ADA Jensen questioning Michael Corinthos,Jr. Re: the disappearance of Jason Morgan and the minor child, Michael Morgan. (to Sonny) Mr. Corinthos, do you have legal counsel?

Sonny looks toward the door.

Sonny: Apparently not.

Alexis overhears him, looks back towards the office, and smirks.

Dara: Mr. Corinthos, where were you on the night Jason Morgan abducted his son?

Sonny: Hmmm...I suppose I was at home. When was that again?

Dara: Did you facilitate Mr. Morgan's departure in any way?

Alexis: (still standing in the office doorway) You don't have to answer that.

Dara: (irritated) Ms. Davis, this is a confidential proceeding. Will you please leave?

Alexis hands the file to the policeman and walks quickly back into the office.

Alexis: (to Sonny) Do you have a dollar?

Sonny: Sorry. I think the only thing I got is maybe a $100.

He holds the money up and Alexis quickly takes it from him.

Alexis: That'll do. I'm now on retainer.

Sonny: Excellent!

Alexis: Ms. Jensen, you are dangerously close to violating my client's civil rights, so unless you show cause for questioning, I'm afraid I'm going to have to sue the entire PCPD for harassment.

Mac walks in.

Mac: First of all, you can all show cause for breaking and entering my office.

{Next Scene}

Mac: Now, I'm going to walk myself through this. You had a choice -- postpone your interview with Mr. Corinthos or proceed in my office?

Dara: Mine is being painted, and Mr. Corinthos informed me that he is allergic to the fumes. And so I asked your secretary and she said your office was free.

Sonny: I got to tell you, if I'm anywhere near the paint fumes, I -- I'm a mess -- you know watery eyes. Even my taste buds get hit. You know, I got to spend the a whole day in fresh air before I can tell the difference between pesto sauce and alfredo.

Alexis: God knows we wouldn't want that to happen.

Sonny: No, no, no. I really get choked up and, you know, but fortunately I got my mouthpiece to speak for me. (Alexis doesn't look pleased with that statement)

Mac: Oh, really? You see, I was under the impression that you were offering your voluntary cooperation with the investigation.

Sonny: Hmm.

Mac: But, Sonny, if you don't want to and you want to leave, you are free to go. Of course, a refusal to cooperate suggests you have something to hide.

Sonny: No, no, not at all. I mean, as long as my health is not at risk, I -- I can cooperate all day.

Mac: Good, then I suggest we proceed, as long as we work together constructively.

Alexis: Fine. Ms. Jensen, I'd like Mr. Corinthos' prior responses to be stricken from the record.

Dara: Mmm-hmm. That's not going to happen.

Alexis: Well, that tape is full of procedural errors, so I'm going to have to insist that it be erased.

Dara: Perhaps you are confusing this investigation with a trial, which it is not. More specifically, this is not the Tony Jones trial, so there will be not need nor use for your games, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: I'm simply trying to point out your mistakes before the D.A.'s office does. Now, you didn't even refer to the Michael Morgan abduction as "alleged", and you're practically accusing my client to being an accessory to the crime that you have yet to prove was committed, so...

Dara: Okay, so if you are finished taking your easy shots, perhaps we can get back to the business at hand.

Alexis: Well, now, these shots wouldn't be so easy to take if you would pay more attention to what you were doing instead of spending so much time marching up and down the campaign trail.

Dara: Okay, counselor, if you can't manage to keep your personal feelings out of this and conduct yourself in a more professional manner, I will advise the court that your client...

Mac: (interupting) Dara, Dara.

Dara: in contempt.

Mac: That's enough.

Alexis: Well, I seem to think...

Mac: Alexis, be quiet.

Alexis: All righty.

Mac: And Sonny, wipe that silly grin off your face.

Sonny is still smiling.

{Next Scene}

Alexis: (walking behind Sonny's chair) I'm going to have to insist that my client cease voluntary cooperation with this interrogation. Ms. Jensen, there is no cause. There is no evidence. So the next time you question Mr. Corinthos, make sure you have a warrant.

Dara: I'm not going to dignify this travesty with further comment.

Alexis: Fine. (to Sonny) Shall we go?

Sonny: (standing up) Yeah. Yeah, I could use the fresh air.

Alexis: (walking toward the door) I'll get in touch with you later, Mac. I have something to discuss with you.

Sonny: Wait. Mac, Mac, Mac -- if you get a chance to come by the warehouse, I have a free pound of Kona just waiting for you.

Sonny and Alexis leave Mac's office.

Sonny: You know something? We need to settle on your retainer.

Alexis: What retainer?

Sonny: For your continued services. You know, it's -- I got to tell you, its reassuring to have a lawyer so passionately committed to my civil rights.

Alexis: Let's get something straight. What happened in there? It was a fluke.

Sonny: Hmmm.

Alexis: Here's your money. (she hands him back the money) You are not my client, and I am not your (looks at him pointedly) mouthpiece.

Sonny: I liked what you did in there.

Alexis: Thank you. And I know a way that you can thank me.

Sonny: Shoot.

Alexis: (smiling) I never want to see or hear from you again.

Sonny: Careful. I'm a sucker for sweet talk.

Alexis: (waves her hand) Have a nice life.

Alexis walks away rolling her eyes.

Sonny: If you need a recommendation, you can always use my name. (waves) Too-da-loo!

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