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Stick It In Your Ear
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Stick It In Your Ear

Alexis' suite. Alexis is carrying a vase of roses that was just delivered. Jax is sitting on the sofa.

Alexis: This must be from Ned, there's no card. He does like to be mysterious.

Jax: Well, its safe to bet there not from Stefan.

Alexis: (searching through the flowers) Unless I've overlooked the spray of poisoned sumac.

Jax: Not likely. Unless your brother discovered our agreement.

Alexis: I'm sure that he has plans of his own. As soon as the court appoints a trustee of the estate, (Alexis sits down on the sofa with Jax) that person will have power over every member of the family.

Jax: By the way, that law firm I recommended is still waiting in the wings. Have you submitted their name?

Alexis: Yes. Stefan wants the venue switched to Switzerland.

Jax: Oh.

Alexis: He has more influence there. Helena's pushing for Greece, and I am petitioning for the United States.

Jax: How patriotic.

Alexis: I just wanted someone unbiased.

Jax: And partial to seeing things your way once its time to carve up the empire. I'm willing to do my part, Partner.

Alexis: How is that going?

Jax: Well, I have bids in for several charming little companies in which your family has a large, but not controlling interest. Companies Stefan might acquire himself if his assets weren't frozen. It should light a fire under the judge in your case.

Alexis: Well, I would think so. Nobody wants to be held accountable if there's a decline in the value of the estate.

Jax: That's the idea. By the way, I'm about to risk a substantial amount of my hard-won cash to get our little scheme up and running, and my wallet isn't what it used to be. It can't take that sort of punishment, so I've got a lot riding on this, Alexis.

Alexis: So do I.

Jax: Yes, but so far, all the financial risks have been mine. Before I bid my way down to my last dollar, I want to be reassured that you're still a committed member of our enterprise.

Alexis: Why do you even ask?

Jax: Now, see, when you hesitate to answer me, that kind of looks like you're having second thoughts. Are you?

Alexis looks hesitant to answer the question, and there's a knock on the door. Alexis gets up and answers it. She talks on the way to the door.

Alexis: No, I'm sorry I cancelled room service.

Alexis opens the door, and Sonny walks in.

Sonny: No, no this is about the service I'm getting from you.

{Next Scene}

Sonny: So, what do you say we get to work?

Alexis: Even you must notice that I'm busy, Mr. Corinthos, so whatever this is about, will have to wait.

Sonny: It's waited twenty-four hours already, Counselor.

Alexis: Forgive me if I gave the impression that I have the slightest idea what you're referring to.

Sonny: A sharp lady like you forgetting you had an appointment with your newest client?

Alexis: (getting annoyed) Is this persistence of yours supposed to be endearing in some way?

Sonny: Yes, it has happened that way in the past.

Alexis: Well, not here, not now. I'm not your attorney, Mr. Corinthos, and I don't want to be.

Sonny: What -- what do you think you did for me yesterday?

Alexis: A major lapse in judgement.

Sonny: Ah.

Alexis: But I made it very plain at the time that it was a one-shot deal.

Sonny: For which I thank you.

Alexis: Oh, don't thank me. Thank Dara for harassing you that way, because it annoyed me, and I felt the need to get involved. And I don't even specialize in constitutional law. But I distinctly remember -- I do -- telling you that I never wanted to see your face again.

Jax: (standing up, smiling) Then would you settle for his back?

Sonny: Do we have to discuss my case in front of him? Isn't that a violation of attorney-client privilige?

Jax: Finally, there it is -- a flash of steel beneath the smile. I was wondering how long it was going to take him before he threatened you.

Sonny: You acted on my behalf with the assistant DA. You even took a cash down payment on your retainer.

Alexis: Which I promptly returned.

Sonny: (innocently) Did you? Well, I forgot. Was there any witnesses? No? Well, in my book, that means you are formally engaged as my attorney. Now, I'm here on legal business. If you refuse me that's what you call, uh, a breach of something. Which means, I'm afraid, I'm going to have to sue you.

Alexis and Jax look amused.

{Next Scene}

Alexis: You do need a lawyer, Mr. Corinthos. One that will tell you that nothing that transpired between the two of us yesterday constitutes a professional agreement, stated or implied. And even if it did, I could drop you for no grounds for a lawsuit. Now any ju -- any unbribed judge would invoke the well-known legal doctrine "Non omne damnum inducit injuriam", which is latin for, "stick it in your ear!"

Sonny: (looks at the flowers, then back at Alexis) If I'd known I was going to get this kind of reception, I'd have sprung for cheaper flowers.

Alexis: As I was saying, when you followed those flowers into my room...

Jax: (interupting) You know, in the interest of saving time, consider this game called for now. However, I will need an answer to my question before we can proceed.

Alexis: I understand.

Jax leaves.

Sonny: I don't know what kind of business you're doing with Jax...

Alexis: You're not supposed to.

Sonny: He's unreliable. He gets easily bored. He's a rich kid who doesn't care about what he wrecks. Because all he has to do is buy a new one to replace it.

Alexis: You came here seeking my advice, Mr. Corinthos, not the other way around. So I'm going to try to make this clear for you one more time -- I'm not interested in working for you. You can send me a greenhouse, but I don't expect to see your face here again. And don't try intimidating me, because, as you noticed, it's a waste of time.

Sonny: You owe a favor to a friend of mine, Miss Davis.

Alexis: (stern) My debts are my business.

Sonny: Well, in this case, they're Jason Morgan's business too. You defended the man who kidnapped Jason's son. Tony Jones got squat for all the pain he caused.

Alexis: Well, obviously, the courts disagreed. The judge felt that community service was sufficient for Dr. Jones to repay his debt to society.

Sonny: Well, that's not what you said to Jason after the trial. What were you looking for when you went to his home and confessed your sins? Absolution? Well, this is your chance to earn it. Jason has been accused of kidnapping Michael. The Quartermaines will use that to take the baby away from him. Jason needs the best lawyer in town to stop them. You want a chance to make amends? This is it.

{Next Scene}

Alexis: There was more to my defense of Dr. Jones than you know.

Sonny: Yeah, I can guess a lot. I had a chance to read the records of the Jones trial. You came on a team at the last minute. You were kind of like a pinch hitter, but the question is, who put you in the lineup?

Alexis: Sorry, attorney-client privilige. That actually does mean something to me.

Sonny: What I'm trying to figure out is -- is what motivation would you have to step up to the plate for Jones. So I'm trying to figure out -- someone paid you a lot of money, blackmailed the daylights out of you, or both, which tells me something about you.

Alexis: Something not very flattering, I imagine.

Sonny: Not good, not bad. Just the facts. You cave in when somebody puts a real scare in you.

Alexis: People change, Mr. Corinthos. In fact, representing Dr. Jones made me reassess the wisdom of letting my life be led by the threats of other people. It doesn't really guarantee you safety, (her voice is shaking) just more threats. But you already know about that -- threats, being something of a speciality of yours, right?

Sonny: Only when necessary. For instance, if that's what it's going to take to get you to represent Jason...

Alexis: Ah, see. Oh, well, there we go. There we go with the threats.

Sonny: No, no, no. It's not a threat because that's not what it's going to take.

Alexis: If I were to assist Mr. Morgan's defense in some capacity, I would be doing it for Jason, not you.

Sonny: I knew you'd come around.

Alexis: I didn't say that I had.

Sonny: Well, this is what I heard.

Alexis: (angrily) Don't push your luck.

Sonny: Okay. So let's say you are Jason's lawyer, hypothetically. How would you read the situation?

Alexis: As it so happens, I have been following this case somewhat, (she sits on the sofa) purely for legal aspects. (Sonny sits on the sofa next to her)

Sonny: Oh. Of course.

Alexis: All right, now off the top of my head, Jason is not going to be charged with kidnapping because he is indeed the legal father. And I think the Quartermaines' are trying to harass him with legal threats to get Jason to come back to town with the child so they can prove that he's not the biological father, through a blood test. Now, if both birth parents side against Jason, it's going to be nearly impossible for him to keep this child.

Sonny: (impressed) Not bad off the top of your head.

Alexis: But not what you wanted to hear, right?

Sonny: No. I just want the truth from my lawyers. That's what I pay them for.

Alexis: (putting her hands up to her face) I'm not your lawyer. I'm Jason's -- I would be Jason's, not yours.

Sonny: Right. So, how would Jason Morgan's lawyer proceed?

Alexis: She would assume that AJ Quartermaine is unreachable, and that Carly Benson is probably a good possibility. Maybe she would be impressed with your ominous glances and your threats. Whatever you do, getting her back on Jason Morgan's side is his only chance of winning this case.

Sonny: Understood. Okay. Send me a bill and I'll call you real soon.

Alexis throws her hands up in the air in exasperation.

Alexis: (pointing her finger) I'm -- I'm not kidding. I'm not your lawyer.

Sonny: I know, but by the time this sinks in, you might be. (chuckling) Listen, thank you for your advice, Counselor, and I meant what I said before. Think twice about doing business with Jax.

Sonny leaves and Alexis looks confused.

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