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I'm Not Attractive. I'm An Attorney!


It is nighttime. Sonny is sitting on a bench on the Docks, waiting for Alexis. Alexis walks up, dressed in a trench coat, wearing sunglasses and a hat.

Sonny: (stands up, in her way) Excuse me -- miss?

Alexis: (stops, looking around) Meet me at the warehouse.

Sonny: You bear an amazing resemblance to my attor --

Alexis: (whispering) I said meet me at the warehouse, now.

Sonny: Maybe it's the neighbor across the hall.

Alexis: Are you enjoying this?

Sonny: You know what? It's coming to me, even with (points to her face) those ugly shades on.

Alexis: All right, I need to point something out here. You are on the clock, over and above retainer.

Sonny: (serious) You have the face of an angel.

Alexis: All right, that's it. Now my rates just went up 5%.

Sonny: (whispers, smiling) Eddie's angel.

Alexis: (points at him, whispering angrily) Are you finished? Because --

Taggert and Mac walk up behind Alexis.

Taggert: That's what I like to see -- Mr. Corinthos having a good time. Miss Davis. (chuckles)

Alexis takes off her sunglasses.

Alexis: (gesturing to Sonny) My client has no comment.

Sonny: (standing behind Alexis) That's right. That's what I pay her for.

Mac: In case you haven't received formal notification, Carly's deposition is next week.

Alexis: And don't expect any surprises.

Mac: Let's hope Carly's having a good day.

Taggert: (clears his throat; to Alexis) Would you tell your client that we finally got his butt?

Alexis: My client is innocent.

Taggert: Yeah, I almost believe you except for all the times he was guilty and he got off.

Alexis: Excuse me, but my client has no prior criminal record.

Taggert: Yeah, because he made all those deals with the F.B.I.

Sonny shakes his head.

Mac: Why don't you stop wasting our time, Sonny, and the taxpayers' money and just cut a deal? (shrugs) Look, I can't speak for the D.A.'S office but seven years sounds reasonable. Maybe five.

Alexis: For the record, the taxpayers aren't my concern. Most of them probably can't afford me. (Sonny nods) And between us, no deal.

Sonny shakes his head.

Mac: See you in court.

Mac leaves.

Taggert: (pauses, grinning at Alexis) Nice hat. (leaves)

Alexis: Thank you.

She spins back around to face Sonny, touching her hat as she does.

Sonny: You know what? I got to tell you something. I love to watch you work.

Alexis: (pointing in the direction Mac and Taggert just went) You know, they have a point.

Sonny: The taxpayer stuff was just -- just wonderful.

Alexis: (serious) Anchoring your defense on Carly is probably a bad idea.

Sonny: Oh, so now what, we got to go to square one? I got to marry Carly to keep her quiet?

Alexis: There could be another way out.

{Next Scene}

Alexis: (turns to follow Sonny as he walks past her) We could still send Carly out of the country.

Sonny: So she can come back and get arrested at the airport? (shakes his head) We went through this. She's not going to stay gone for good.

Alexis: It's worth another look, considering the new developments.

Sonny: Meaning?

Alexis: Meaning Jason. Jason takes Carly and Michael to a country with no extradition, and you're home free. And if Jason's there with Carly, she won't want to go anywhere.

Sonny: Well, that's assuming that Jason and Carly want to go away together.

Alexis: Well, you need to persuade them. You need to make it happen.

Sonny: I'll think about it.

Alexis: This way Carly gets everything that she wants, and Jason will do anything that you ask --

Sonny: (shrugs) I said I will think about --

Alexis: (cutting him off) Then think fast, Sonny, because unfortunately it's a very short list. These are your choices -- either Jason takes Carly out of the country or you marry her.

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