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I'm Watching You
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I'm Watching You
Helena's bedroom on her yacht. Helena sits down in front of her mirror, fluffs her hair, and picks up a tube of lipstick.

Helena: (reading ) Irresistible. (applies some to her bottom lip and admires the color) Perfect. (continuing to apply the lipstick) Andreas? Have our new bed linens been delivered yet?

Alexis: (coming into the room) Mirror, mirror on the wall who's the most -- (stops behind Helena's chair) preserved of all?

Helena: Cute. I don't recall inviting you here, Natasha.

Helena continues applying her lipstick. Alexis starts going through her purse, but continues using the mirror to look at Helena.

Alexis: I'm here on behalf of Nikolas. He tells me that you're thinking of selling Wyndemere?

Helena: Why not? (shrugs) Nikolas doesn't live there anymore. Heaven knows I certainly won't. The place is a mausoleum. (begins spraying perfume on her neck)

Alexis: (applying her own lipstick) Stefan's only been gone for a matter of weeks, and you're already trying to root through his things?

Helena: Well, I'm the head of the family. It's my duty to protect Nikolas' fortune.

Alexis: (leaning on the back of Helena's chair) You are not executor of this estate. You aren't even trustee of the Cassadine fortune.

Alexis, using the mirror, looks pointedly at Helena. Helena appears totally uninterested and continues fixing her hair.

Alexis: And I have gone about filing a motion to make sure that that never happens.

Helena: Oh, how predictable.

Alexis: I'm also taking control of all of the holdings that you purchased with Cassadine money.

Helena: (turns in her chair, realizing Alexis' true motive) Would that include a certain European pharmaceutical company?

Alexis: Hmm. You tell me.

Helena: Shame on you, Natasha, using Nikolas to manipulate me. You're not here about the estate. Your only interest is in keeping your ex-husband from doing business with me, (smirking) one on one.

Alexis looks like she's going to be sick.

{Next Scene}

Helena stands and walks over to Alexis.

Helena: (innocently) I don't understand why you're so hostile. All I'm trying to do is save poor little Chloe's eyesight.

Alexis: (just as innocent) Well, then, in the spirit of true altruism, why don't you just give her the medication?

Helena: Jax has too much pride to allow Chloe to accept charity.

Alexis: (seriously) Try him.

Helena walks past Alexis over to a vase of roses, taking one out and playing with it.

Helena: Has he discussed the terms of our business agreement with you?

Alexis: Why don't you tell me?

Helena: And break a confidence? I don't think so.

Alexis: If anything happens to Jax or Chloe, I will be on your heels all the way to hell.

Helena: Nothing's going to happen to Jax that he didn't invite.

Alexis: I'll bet.

Helena: Ask him.

Alexis: Count on it.

Helena: You'd better get out of my bedroom. And don't slip on the way out. The sharks are hungry.

Alexis smiles and walks over to the mirror.

Alexis: Remember, (briefly looks Helena up and down) I'm watching you.

Alexis takes a moment to look in the mirror and adjust her hair, then walks out. Helena laughs, trailing the rose down her neck.

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