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Helena's Yacht.

The lights are out. Alexis enters the room. She picks up things and searches the room. She hears a sound and hides in a corner behind the bar. A man enters and draws his gun. The man leaves and Alexis continues searching. She slowly opens the desk drawer and nervously looks around to see if anyone has heard her.

{Next Scene} {Next Day}

Alexis is searching through Helena's desk drawers. She pulls out a file and looks through it.

{Next Scene}

Alexis is sitting at Helena's desk. She puts the file back and finds a leather notebook. She pulls a notepad from her coat pocket and writes down some information. She gets up and pushes in the chair. When she looks up she sees Ari in the mirror. She looks frightened.

Alexis: Finally. Where's Helena?

Ari: What are you doing here?

Alexis: Obviously wasting my time. I came with the information that she wanted about my preference of venue for the estate hearing.

She tries to walk by and Ari blocks her way.

Ari: How did you get in here?

Alexis: You know, that surprised me, too. Helena should stop choosing her security men for their decorative qualities.

Ari: Madam, security personnel are hired and supervised by me.

Alexis: Well, now we know who's going to catch hell, don't we? I won't tell if you don't. (she looks up at him) Excuse me.

She rushes out of the room.

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