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Have you ever had a hangover?  The throbbing pain on your temples, nausea and a massive headache that can only be remedied through the incessant banging of your head against something really hard.  I've actually never experienced a hangover.  In fact, I've never had an alcoholic beverage in my life, but this is how I always imagined it to be.    
"Hey, are you ok?" a voice asked.    
Today started of as any normal day.  I was on my way to the park to get some time to myself when an unidentified flying object knocked me off my feet, straight to the hard concrete ground.      
I struggled to open my eyes as an eye twitch added to the throbbing pain.  "Oh gosh!"  I opened my eyes to a blond-haired, blue-eyed angel.  "Am I dead?" I asked.    
"Hardly." He smiled and helped me up, drawing me close to examine the damage.  "You took a pretty hard hit."    
"Australian," I muttered.    
"Excuse me?"    
"Your accent.  It's Australian."    
He shoved his hands in his front jean pocket and leaned back on his heel, "Yeah, born and bread."    
"Hey Kangaroo boy, your holding up the game," a lean bodied, male-wonder approached us.  He gave me a 100 watt smile, "Hey, who's the chick?"    
"I am not a chick," I retorted back.    
"Spunk.  I like that in a girl," he teased.  I rolled my eyes and felt a thousand needles poking at my left eye.    
The Australian angel shoved the football towards the dimpled charmer, "Apologize to the lady, Corinthos."    
Corinthos took a step closer and reached for my face.  I instinctively pulled away.  His hand hung in the air for a millisecond before he proceeded.  "You," he reached for my hair and pulled out a twig.  He held it in front of my face and gave me a mischievous grin, "See, twig."  He looked at my left eye, "You should put some ice on that."  He turned to the blonde-haired guy, "Let's go Candyboy.  Say goodbye to your chick, he winked at me, showed me his pearly whites, and then he was gone.    
I could feel my blood boiling and I was certain that the blue-eyed Aussie saw steam coming out of my ears.  "He didn't even say sorry!" I exclaimed.  "Ugh!  The nerve of that guy!"    
The Australian simply smiled, "Well, that's Corinthos for you.  Hey, I have to get back to the game.  Are you going to be alright?"    
"Yeah, I'll be fine."    
"Ok, take care."    
"Yeah.  Later."    
I watched as he jogged back to the park where a bunch of guys huddled to play football.  "Great," I thought to myself.  What a way to start off a Saturday morning.  I got knocked down by a football, which would leave a nice leather imprint on my face.  I met two hot guys, one of which was a perfect gentleman, the other, an extremely charming male chauvinist.  The thought of Corinthos made my blood pressure rise.  I gave myself a mental slap on the head as I struggled to block out a vision of a deep-dimpled charmer, wearing a baby blue track shorts and a white muscle shirt that displayed his perfectly toned body.  "I hope I never see his face again!"  
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