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Chapter Three
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Chapter Three
Sonny was jerked awake when he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder.
"Alexis?" He asked, shooting up from his position on her lap. He looked at her face and was disappointed to find that she was still unconscious.
"No, sorry sir. I need to change her bandage and IV, so if you don't mind, could you please wait outside?" The nurse told him.
"Oh, yeah. Sorry," he said rising form the chair and stretching his sore back. "I'll be right back," he whispered, leaning over and brushing a kiss along Alexis' cheek.
He shut the door but not before stealing another quick glance at Alexis. He ran a hand raggedly through his hair, and whipped out his cell phone. He dialed a number.
"Hey, Johnny, it's me, Sonny. Listen, Alexis was attacked last night and I want the bastard who did this to her found. Do not call me back unless you have useful information. Do you understand, Johnny? Good, don't fail me." He hung up the phone and made his way to the waiting room.
He sat in the chair and closed his eyes. His thoughts once again drifted back to Alexis. He really wished that she would wake up soon. He wanted to ask her so many questions and find out who had done this to her. He also wanted to tell her how he felt about her. But of course he knew he couldn't, at least not yet. He had to take slow, and gain back her complete trust.
He chuckled at the thought of having to wait, because now he finally could. He was, of course, taught by the best. He laughed at how Alexis had tried to keep him pre-occupied and distract him from asking her questions about how she felt about him. He smiled at how cute she was when she became all flustered.
His thoughts were interrupted, by a little girl, running down the hall, screaming at the top of her lungs. Hearing the child scream suddenly made Sonny remember: he had to call Carly. He groaned at the thought of talking to Carly and hearing her complain about every living thing. He did not need another headache.
"Damn," he mumbled, pulling out his cell phone and made the dreaded call.
Carly walked through the elevator doors, stealing a quick glance at Alexis' door. It was marked off by yellow police tape and she saw men shuffling about inside. Carly suppressed her grin and made her way to penthouse number four.
She whipped her head around, startled by the calling of her name. "Taggert."
"Carly, I'd like to ask you a few questions, if you don't mind."
"If it has to do her," she said pointing to Alexis' door, "I don't know anything."
"Well, yes actually Carly. Alexis was attacked last night and someone reported seeing a thin blonde leaving this building along the same time Alexis was attacked. And I thought that maybe that same blonde was you."
"Are you implying that I had something to do with this Taggert? I mean seriously, do you actually think I would attack Alexis with a weapon and really hurt her?" Carly asked.
"I never said she was attacked with a weapon Carly." Taggert said, getting a little suspicious.
"I was just being hypothetical. Gee Taggert, are you that desperate for suspects?" Carly replied, a little nervous.
"I am just going on all leads, that's all. I'll be in touch."
"Great," Carly said. She walked to the door of Sonny's penthouse, when her cell phone rang.
"Carly, it's Sonny."
"Oh, Sonny. Where have you been? I've been so worried about you. Are you okay?"
"I'm fine Carly. I'm here with Alexis."
"You're what!?" She screamed.
"Calm down Carly. Alexis is in the hospital. She was attacked last night."
"She's not dead?" Carly asked, completely surprised.
"NO! Of course she isn't dead. What the hell is wrong with Carly?" Sonny yelled back, incredulous to her attitude.
"Sonny, I just meant to say I hope she is not dead and that I was asking if she was dead. I didn't ask it to say that I wished she were dead. The hell I don't.Sonny, when are you coming home?"
"I don't know. Not until I know Alexis is safe and well. Oh, here comes the doctor, I gotta go."
With that said, he hung up.
Carly stood, in the middle of the penthouse, fuming. Alexis wasn't dead. How could that be? She had made sure she would die. Damn her. But of course Alexis wouldn't die. She was too perfect and the world would miss her too much. Oh please, spare me!  
Carly needed a plan of action and she needed it now. And she knew just the person to go.  Carly grabbed her purse and left the penthouse in a hurry. She would not let Alexis win. 


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