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Chapter Eight
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Chapter 8  
Dmitri, the Greek guard, took a step back, stunned at the sudden out burst from the prisoner. The prisoner, that now lay motionless on the ground before him. Moving around the body, it appeared he was dead. He hadn't moved and his eyes hadn't yet blinked. Nudging him between the ribs only confirmed his conclusion.  
"Hmph," he mumbled, smiling to himself. "Well, there's only one way to be sure," he said cocking the gun, preparing to place a bullet between the prisoner's eyes. Taking a step forward, he aimed the gun and placed his finger lightly on the trigger. Squeezing lightly, he was taken off guard and unprepared for the sharp pain coursing through his lower shin. Cursing out loud in foreign tongue, he momentarily lowered his hand, giving Sonny the opportunity to kick the gun away.  
"Bastard!" Dmitri yelled lunging for Sonny as he was beginning to get up. "I will kill you for good!" He yelled, enraged. His fist came crashing down upon Sonny's jaw, temporarily throwing him off balance. Dmitri grabbed Sonny by the throat from behind and choked him with all the strength he could muster.  
Sonny fought the black dots swarming before his eyes, amazed at the power this man possessed. Sonny brought his elbow down hard, striking the guard in the ribs. It was enough to get the man to release Sonny, if only for a few seconds. Sonny twisted around, bringing his elbow up again to crack the guard in this nose. Blood spilled from it, and the huge man reeled back in pain. Adrenaline coursed through Sonny, no longer feeling the pain in his head or body. His obstacle was immobile for the moment and he planned to keep it that way. It was his only chance at escaping. His fist slammed into the guard's face, harder and harder, time and time again. He dropped in a heap, unconscious.  
Sonny stood stunned, but was given little time to think about his pervious actions due to the muffled sounds of the approaching guards. Scurrying around, he found the discarded gun, took one last glance towards the complex and ran straight into the jungle. Glancing back again, he noticed that he had a fair distance ahead of the pursuing guards, but that still didn't slow him down. He needed to make a clean escape and find a safe place to hide.  
Breaking through the dense jungle tress, he came into a clearing with two directions. Deciding to take the path leading left, he quickly ran, until he heard the sound of running water and decided tha tthis was where he would rest. Finally happy that he had lost the guards, he sat down to plan his next move.  
Everything in the room seemed to be moving in slow motion. Alexis stood in complete shock. She had just witnessed probably the most important man in her life being killed. Her heart screamed no, but her mind told her yes. Her chest felt tight, and she struggled to breathe as she staggered back to the wall behind her. On the other side of the room, Carly was being to become hysterical throwing angry curses towards Helena.  
"Sonny!" She wailed, storming towards the monitors. "You said you wouldn't hurt him, Helena. You promised me!"  
"Sometimes plans change my dear," Helena stated as a matter of fact.    
"You can't do this. All this to get revenge on that little tramp over there," Carly yelled pointing towards a distraught Alexis. "Forget it Helena, you killed my Sonny and now I'm going to kill you too!"  
Carly lunged at Helena, wrapping her scrawny fingers around her throat. Helena was completely taken off guard by Carly's outburst and she ended up falling to the floor, Carly full force on top. The guards came rushing to her aide, trying to pry Carly's fingers from the old, frail neck.  
Alexis, standing somewhat close to the doorway, took notice of the sudden opportunity that presented itself to her. All the guards had reacted to protecting Helena that no one took notice of her standing alone and unguarded. Deciding it was pure luck, but nonetheless her chance to escape, she quietly made her way to the door and slipped into the hall. She found it somewhat odd there weren't any more guards outside the door, but at this moment she wasn't going to complain. Quickly glancing back, she was surprised none of the guards had come for her yet. Looking towards the door, she suddenly wondered where she would go if she got out of this place. She shook her head and told herself not to worry about that until later. The objective: escape this place before Helena caught her again.  
Clenching her teeth, she sprinted down the hall and burst through the front doors of the complex. Only getting a few feet, she was hit with the heavy, thick air of heat, making her stop in her tracks. Taking a moment to get accustomed to the unwelcome heat, she looked down and nearly died on the spot. There in front of her was the unmistakable red liquid of blood, Sonny's blood.  
"Oh god, Sonny," Alexis choked, tears brimming her tired eyes. How could he be dead? She was startled out of her thoughts by the distant shouts of angry guards. Quickly swiping at the falling tears, she turned on her heals and bolted into the flourishing green jungle before her.  
The sun had set long ago, but the air was still sticky with the humid air. As Alexis began to slow down to catch her breath, she heard the familiar sound of running water. She followed the path until she came into an opening and was greeted with one of the most beautiful things she had ever seen.  
The grass was rich in colour as any growing meadow would be. It surrounded a pond-like pool of crystal clear blue water that shimmered under the pale yellow light of the glowing moon. The water flowed from a small waterfall above a rocky ledge, slick with wetness and black as night. Small patches of purple and pink flowers were growing in the crevices and around the base of the smooth rock, giving off the sweet smell of a fresh spring rain. It was breathtaking.  
Suddenly feeling completely exhausted with every joint aching, she wanted nothing more than to feel that cool water against her skin. She gingerly made her way towards the falling water and eased herself to a sitting position, careful of her healing wound. Content to know she was safe for the moment, she allowed herself to relax. She placed her cut and swollen feet into the cool water and splashed her face and neck with it as well. Nothing had felt better.  
Having heard approaching footsteps, Sonny quickly got up and hid himself in the nearby bushes. Hearing the gentle splash of water he allowed himself a brief glimpse of the quiet noise that had first got his attention. And there was Alexis, sitting under the pale light of the moon, her feet in the water, gown encrusted with mud, hair disheveled, breathing heavily, eyes closed. He had never seen anything more beautiful.  
"Alexis," he breathed, standing from his crouched position.  
That voice. No, it couldn't be. Alexis opened her eyes and turned her head towards the direction of her named being called. She saw the figure of the man she had thought to be dead.  
"Sonny!" She cried slowly getting up, but not really believing what she saw.  
Sonny came running towards her and they both fell into one another's arms, never wanting to let go. He could hear her sobs and felt her shaking which only made him hold her tighter.  
"I thought you were dead," she sobbed. "Helena, she-"  
"I know, it's okay.  I'm not dead. I'm here, I took care of it," he said trying to soothe her.  
Pulling back slightly, she looked at him and took note of the faint bruises that stood out from his face in the lighting and the caked blood dried on the left side of his temple.  
"You're hurt," she said, touching his face gently.  
"I'm alright," he said, placing his hand over top of hers.  
Realizing that she was getting too close, Alexis pulled back and wiped at her tears. "I- I'm sorry," she said, looking towards the ground.  
"Hey, hey. I'm not," he said, tilting her head up gently with his finger, making her look at him. Chocolate melted into chocolate as their eyes met, and Sonny brought his mouth ever so softly upon hers. Her lips parted as she slipped her hand into his dark curls. He moaned into her mouth, and laced his fingers into her silky strands. They pulled each other closer, savouring the sweet taste.  
Their tongues danced and the moon shone.  
Pure bliss.

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