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Chapter Six
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Chapter 6  
Alexis looked up at Carly and sighed. Why me? She was definitely not in the mood to argue, let alone with Carly.  
"What now Carly?" She asked completely uninterested.  
"Oh don't play innocent with me Alexis Davis. You just don't seem to go away, but this time I'm going to make sure the job gets done," she said, eyes narrowing.  
"Carly, what the hell are you talking about?"  
"You don't know?"  
"Well obviously not. Carly, it was nice of you to drop by but you can leave now. You're giving me a headache," she said, exasperated.  
"Oh I don't think so. You act like the holier-than-thou attorney but I know better. Sonny isn't aware of the little games you play with him, but I am. And I'm going to put a stop to it, once and for all. You got to sleep with him once and I hope you have a photographic memory because that was your first and last time. I'll kill you before I let you lay another hand on him again. Sonny is mine, now and forever."  
Nowandforevernowandforevernowandforevernowandforevernowandforevernowandf orevernowandforever. Those words rang through Alexis' mind, setting off an alarm. Carly, Sonny, kill, now, forever. Those words came crashing at her like a title wave full of memories. She and Carly were arguing, they both were getting angry, and the pain. Oh god, the blinding pain. The evil she saw in Carly's eyes before she went unconscious. It was all coming back to her so fast. Carly was the one who tried to kill her. And now, she was alone in the room with her.  
Alexis frantically searched for the call button, wishing Johnny would come in and put an end to all this. She made herself sit up, despite the ripping pain she felt, in order to appear less vulnerable. It didn't help.  
Carly watched Alexis very carefully. She could see the wheels spinning in Alexis's brain and watched the flicker of realization in her eyes. At that moment, Carly knew Alexis remembered that night. Smiling to herself, she had the great idea that it would now be even more fun to kill her. She casually picked up the extra pillow at the foot of Alexis' bed, absently playing with the crisp corners.  
"Carly, I still have no idea what you are talking about," she said nervously.  
Carly was becoming more and more unstable. And where the hell was Johnny? She hoped he was all right.  
"Well Alexis, times up," she said taking a few steps closer, raising the pillow.  
"Afraid not, here's the doctor."  
Carly whipped her head around to face the door. She realized it was a bluff, and she had fallen for it. She turned her head back to Alexis and saw her hand closed around the call button.  
"Oh no you don't councilor!" Carly yelled, wrenching the pad away from Alexis. "That was a huge mistake."  
Alexis grabbed her stomach in pain after Carly wrenched the button from her grasp. She briefly closed them and opened them in time to see Carly coming straight for her, pillow raised and ready to strike. Alexis did all she could do and screamed for help. The scream came out no more than a muffled yelp as the pillow was forced into her face. Her hand shot out blindly looking for anywhere to strike Carly. It found her neck and she squeezed as hard as she could. Her breathing was getting shorter, her energy quickly draining. She felt her hand slipping from its hold on Carly's neck. Images began to flash before her eyes. Images of her mother, Kristina, Helena, Stefan, Jax; her life. The last face she saw before succumbing to the darkness was of Sonny's face and his full dimple smile the morning after their magical night together. Her hand dropped. Her breathing stopped.  
"Mrs. Corinthos! What the hell do you think you are doing?" The man in the suit bellowed, enraged at what he saw before him.  
"" she stammered, pulling the pillow away from Alexis' face.  
The man in the suit stormed into the room searching for an oxygen mask. He was grateful to find one sitting on the cart next to Alexis. He carefully placed it over her face and pumped air into her. He sighed a breath of relief when he saw the rise in her chest.  
He turned his anger towards Carly. "Don't you dare try something like that ever again. We are here on strict orders. Orders that were given to you by someone you were so desperate to get help from. Madam wants her alive and that's how I plan on delivering her. Remember that if she dies, Mr. Corinthos will no longer be a concern to her, so I'd advise you just stay with the plan. Don't do something foolish you'll regret, because I for one don't want to die because of your careless act." Sure she would listen and do what he said, he gave her one last glare before turning his attention back to Alexis.  
He gently picked her up and placed her in a wheelchair, which was in the corner of her room. "Is anyone coming?"  
"No, it's all clear. Lets go."  
He pushed Alexis to the elevator, and the three disappeared within the doors.  
Sonny was glad Alexis made him go home and shower. As much as he didn't want to leave her, he knew he had to give her some space. He didn't want to seem too controlling, of her, Alexis would have his head. Plus, she was right, he did smell. He called Benny for the update on any leads but once again, nothing. He also got Benny to send up some Gardenia's he could take to Alexis when he went back to the hospital.  
Sonny just made it around the corner to Alexis' hallway when he noticed a man in a suit pushing, what appeared to be an unconscious woman, into the elevator. He noticed the chestnut brown hair and immediately realized someone was taking Alexis. It wasn't the doctor.  
"Alexis!" He shouted running to the elevator. "Hey, stop!" He reached the elevator but he doors had long shut. "Damn it!" He said, pounding on the doors.  
He decided to take the stairs. He figured it would be faster right now than waiting for the elevator to come back down. He watched it reach the top floor, the raced up the stairs.  
Reaching the top floor, he flew out the door, frantically searching for Alexis. He saw a helicopter waiting on the landing pad. "Alexis!" He was unprepared for the fist he felt crashing into his jaw, and then another one to the upper cheek. He was knocked to the ground, disoriented.  
"What the hell?" He felt himself being picked up by the shoulders and Sonny threw a punch of his own. It landed squarely on his attackers cheek, but seemed to have to no affect. Sonny felt a sharp prick in his upper arm and his legs gave way. A blinding pain ran through his brain, and he felt the darkness closing in around him.  
"," he mumbled before becoming unconscious.  
The man in the suit took out his cell phone and dialed a number while signaling for two men to take Sonny to the helicopter. "We have them Madam...understood...we will arrive giving your time permitted...yes, very well. He hung up the phone and walked to the helicopter. He signaled for the pilot to take off.  
Mission accomplished.

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