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Part Eight
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Part Eight


"You're just in time." He stood up and pulled out the chair for her. She stood and looked at him surprised at his unexpected gentlemanly gesture. She gave him a slight smile and sank down onto the seat. She wasn't too anxious when he called to meet her at the PC Grille. She was still infuriated with the man for breaking her sister's heart. He sat back down to his chair and looked at her smiling.

"So, how u been?" he asked.

"Ok Sonny, it's not a secret that we've never been the best of friends so let's just cut to the chase shall we? Give me one good reason why I shouldn't just stand and leave you, especially after all that you did to my sister."

Her response was expected, but Sonny was in too much of a good mood to let her tone get to him. He had to give her credit though, she was feisty and not afraid of him, just like her sister. 'Oy.' He thought to himself. 'These Cassadine women are a handful.'

"Actually," he started, "that's what I wanted to talk to you about."

She listened to him carefully and took in all of his words. Sonny explained everything that's been going on with Carly, the lies about her death, and his feelings for Alexis and how sorry he was that he couldn't come clean with them sooner and save her the hurting that he'd caused. He told her about breaking it off with Carly and getting their divorce papers back on track. He watched her face as series of expressions passed through them. Until finally, at his story's end, an excited smile crept up her face.

"So, will you help me?" He finally asked.

"You know I'm still mad at you for the hell you put my sister through." She looked at him questioningly as he nodded. She continued, "I have to ask you a question, and me helping you all depends on how good your answer will be."

"Ok, shoot."

"Are your intentions pure? I mean, how do I know that you're not setting up my sister for another fall?"

Her words put a smile on his face. It must be nice to have a sibling who cared for Alexis as much as Kristina did. "I never intended to hurt your sister." He looked at her with pure sincerity in his eyes. "And I promise you that I would never let any harm come to her. My intentions are as pure as they can get. I love Alexis and I know I probably don't deserve her, but I am willing to try my best to win her back and to make her trust me again. You have my word."

Kristina was shocked at his declaratory speech. Did Sonny Corinthos just say that he loved Alexis Davis? She smiled, satisfied with his answer. "I've never understood you, or your relationship with my sister for that matter but she's always told me that you are a man of your word. So I accept your proposal, I will help you win Alexis back. Although, I must tell you, it won't be such a hard thing to do. You got to her, more than you'll ever know."

Kristina's words filled Sonny with re-newed hope. He knew that he broke Alexis' heart but wasn't sure if she had closed it off to him for good. It pleased him to know that Alexis still held a special place in her heart for him.

"Ok, this is what we'll do..."




Alexis finished the last of her paper work for Jax and wondered what took Sonny so long. He said that he'd only be gone for a couple of hours but it have been three hours already and she missed her afternoon nap waiting for him. She subconsciously reached for her tummy and rubbed it in a circular motion. "Little One, I'm going to be cranky very soon if your Daddy doesn't show up. I've already missed my nap and tired as it is doing paper work for your uncle Jax." The thought of Jax and her friends brought a smile on her face. She knew how lucky her child would be, the number of people that would love her child aside from her and the father. Jax, Kristina, Ned, Nikolas and Stefan would spoil this child. "Oh Stefan..." the thought of her brother warmed her heart. She missed him... too much, and wanted badly to see him again and tell him about the great news. Although it would upset him to find out the identity of the father, but nevertheless, he would love this child like his own. He always had a soft spot for her and children.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the unexpected slamming of the door. "Kristina, for god's sake, you scared me." She looked at the flustered and wild-eyed Kristina. "You look like hell... what's wrong? Is it Ned?"

"OMG Alexis, hurry up, go upstairs and pack your stuff, we have to go, it's an emergency."

"Hey, slow down, take deep breaths... Where are we going? What's going on?" The tone her sister used frightened her.

"It's Stefan.."

Alexis' heart skipped a beat as Kristina uttered the name. "Oh God, what happened? Is he ok..."

Kristina was pacing the room and had her hands on her hips. "I don't know, I received a call just ten minutes ago on my way home. They said that there's been an accident and Stefan's in the hospital..."

The look on her sister's face frightened her. She thought that maybe she was playing this out too much and might end up giving Alexis a heart attack. She continued and reassured her, "But he's ok though... He's stable, but he asked to see you..."

The thought of Stefan in bed, hurting, tore Alexis apart. She had to be by her brother's side. She couldn't abandon him now. Especially during his time of need. She frantically scrambled through her jacket for her cel phone. She dialed Judge Griffin's house number, "Yes, Judge Griffin, Alexis Davis... there's been a family emergency and I'm calling in to... yes, ok, thank you... ok, bye." She ended the call and paced her apartment while Kristina silently watched her with what seemed like a look of amusement in her eyes.

Kristina smiled to herself for a job well done. Alexis bought her story, line, hook and sinker. She just hoped that she'll take her next bait. "You know what, I'll call Jax and ask if we can borrow his jet."

"Ok, that's great, good thinking Kristina..." Alexis smacked her head with her hand, "Oh, I almost forgot, he's gone on a business trip to Sydney... Damn..." She continued to pace her apartment. "Think Alexis think..." She abruptly stopped as an idea entered her head. "Ned! The Quartermaine jet, I'm sure we'll be able to..."

"Ooh..." Kristina interrupted her. "He left this morning, there was a contract dispute with a band he just signed."

Nikolas! gone somewhere with Gia...

"Stroke of bad luck today... how the hell am I going to get to Milan... god knows a commercial flight would take too long..."

Kristina interrupted her soliloquy. "What about Sonny... I mean, he has a jet, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind lending it to you..."

Kristina's tongue was cut short by the knock on the door.

"What about Sonny... I mean, he has a jet, and I'm sure he wouldn't mind lending it to you..." He pressed his ears against the door of PH2... that was it, that was his cue... he lifted his fists to the door and knocked three times. "Alexis?"

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